Remember just about four weeks ago our passing conversation was about ridiculous amounts of rain that has tortured the area?

It’s still raining, but I’m missing the prospect. There was always a possibility of a game being played. Occasionally, we’d sneak in some competition. Now we all search for the feeling. COVID-19 has the normal way of life in question. I found myself tuned in to a NASCAR race on Sunday. It wasn’t a real race just a virtual one. It was quite exciting and it acted as a bit of a distraction. Once I powered down the television and began my surf through the various options for entertainment in my living room I came across CNN’s Anderson Cooper reciting a quote. I don’t remember any of the words but I do remember the message. The gist was that even in this time of darkness we have one another. Cooper recalled walking down the mostly empty street and striking a conversation up on the spot.

It wasn’t because of who he was. It was because the person just wanted to hear from a stranger. It’s comfort. It’s care for thy fellow man. I experienced it this weekend. After I gave up on entertainment I took out our trash. A man walked by and sent me a jab for the giant box of cookie cake I was throwing away.

“I got cabin fever, I needed this walk,” he said with a laugh.

I could only smile and agree. We shared a few moments of our experiences of the cabin life. Then we departed. I honestly doubt either of us would have spoken to one another in regular circumstances. If we take nothing from this entire situation, let it be that we can be kind to one another and that the positive vibes we send out, we receive back. I hope this doesn’t end when the world goes back to normal. I like people being decent to one another.

Jeremy Johnson is the sports editor for The Oconee Enterprise. Opinions expressed are those of the writer.

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