Join The Classic Center, J.E. Dunn, and Perkins & Will as they break ground on a great addition to the city, The Classic Center Arena, Thursday, April 28th at 10:00 a.m. in the 440 Foundry Pavilion at The Classic Center.  Equipment has already been spotted at the site for the new arena that is slated to open in 2023! The new opportunities that The Classic Center Arena will bring to downtown Athens will create a remarkable experience for all visitors and community members to enjoy.

Not only will The Classic Center Arena bring new prospects for more concerts, conventions, events, tournaments, and a larger arena for the University of Georgia Club Hockey team, The Classic Center has formally signed an agreement with an ECHL team that will soon call The Classic Center Arena their new home. The new arena will be built into the foundation of downtown Athens echoing the college town, its rich music history, outstanding clubs, restaurants, and breweries, along with walkable access to hotels, making Athens a winning destination for all types of events.

This facility will have 5,500 permanent seats with the capacity to hold up to 8,000 people along with the ability to transform for any occasion from concerts and sports tournaments to banquets and general sessions. The Classic Center Arena will create over 600 new jobs for the local community, provide an additional 90,000 hotel room nights, and will provide an estimated $30 million in annual economic impact. 

The new arena will be LEED certified, which will maintain The Classic Center’s goal of reducing its carbon footprint at the same time as continuing the facility’s growth while creating sustainability. Since opening in 1995, The Classic Center has doubled in size, but yet uses less energy than it did when we first opened the doors.

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