A little over one year after Lori and Will Breedlove wed, they welcomed new life to their family farm, The Pastures of Rose Creek. 

Lori gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Charli Ann on Jan. 20. Three days after Charli’s birth, they brought her to Will’s family home at the front of their farmland. 

Their daughter marks the fifth generation of Breedloves to live on the land. The farm has been in Will’s family for four generations through his mother’s side of the family. 

Will’s father and paternal grandparents also still live on the property. 

“I feel like this is something my family would be very proud of,” Will said. “It’s something that Dad always wanted—to carry on a legacy of having children grow up and play in the same places I got to as a kid and to be outside and exposed to all the farming-type things.” 

When Lori and Will married, they both changed their last names to Breedlove. 

“I loved the Powers side of my family,” said Will at the time, “and I was really close to them, but we decided that instead of one person changing their name, we thought to go for something new and different.”

Likewise, they wanted to do something different for their daughter’s name. 

Charli comes from Lori’s father’s name, Charles, while the middle name, Ann, comes from Will’s late mother. 

“We also just liked the name Charli for a girl, especially for a girl growing up on a farm,” Lori said. 

As Charli grows up, she and any siblings will be able to see their father raising cattle and mother making pottery.

“They get to see their parents work on a farm, and hopefully it’s something they might want to do,” Will said.

“We also both get to be here. We don’t have to leave the farm to go to work besides markets or whatnot.”

That’s been an especially helpful aspect as they tend to their newborn daughter during an ongoing pandemic at a time of year that’s usually slow for the farm anyways. 

“It (the pandemic) is a good opportunity to slow down and be with your family,” Will said. 

Like many other newlyweds in 2020, they too are planning on traveling for a honeymoon. Meanwhile, they paid homage to past experiences when they celebrated their first anniversary in December. 

“We went back to the restaurant The National, where we went for our first meal after we were married,” Lori said. “We sat outside, so that was really nice.”

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