Behind every small business is a family. 

Cory Waldrop and his wife, Jennifer, are behind one of Oconee’s newest retail stores, MarieAllison Boutique, located at 1971 Hog Mountain Road next to Iron Horse Nutrition, which Waldrop started last year.  

Theirentrepreneurial spirit is also visible in their children, 15-year-old Olivia Marie and 10-year-old Carrie Allison (the boutique takes its name from the girls’ middle names). 

“They learn how to do inventory and have a hand in picking out items,” said Waldrop, adding that his youngest daughter will be a “pro at running a small business” by the time she’s 18.  

At MarieAllison, customers can find locally made goods ranging from jewelry to T-shirts to food and beverage products to accessories to “Warmies,” which are plush bears that you can heat up in the microwave and they smell like lavender. Another popular product at MarieAllison Boutiqueis the Fidget Popper, which is a new take on the fidget spinner. 

A product that ties into Iron Horse Nutrition is the JavaSok, which keeps drinks cool and eliminates condensation puddles.

One of the main features of MarieAllison Boutique is a display of around a dozen local businesses. Honey from Lucky Bee Farms, New Creation Soda Works, three b’s jams, 3 Bros Dutch Cookies and many more handmade products are for sale. A couple that makes the jams started their business during COVID-19, said Waldrop. 

“Small businesses like to help other small businesses,” said Waldrop, who is not only an entrepreneur but also a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps who also had a career in law enforcement. 

MarieAllison Boutique has been open for two months. It’s adjacent to Iron Horse Nutrition and is behind Creed Fitness in the Butler’s Crossing area. Hours and information can be found at its Facebook page. 

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