Ivey Meeks recorded her new songs "Feelings" and "Fake Friends" in Atlanta. [Submitted photo]

Oconee County is home to many a talented student, including an up-and-coming YouTube star, Oconee County High School junior Ivey Meeks.

Meeks first got her taste for acting and entertaining in the fourth grade, when she booked her first commercial. Prior to that, she had performed on the stage in dance routines and musicals.

After booking her first commercial—a national campaign for Marathon gas—Meeks went on to book more commercials and began doing print modeling.

In seventh grade, Ivey began YouTube, after being approached by fellow YouTuber MattyBRaps.

“I guest starred in a ‘Black Space’ cover music video with him and now the video has over 100 million views,” explained Meeks. MattyB’s followers immediately took a liking to Ivey’s “Blank Space” character, who she’s named ‘Crazy Ivey.’

Meeks joined the Funniflix YouTube channel and began posting vlogs as Crazy Ivey.

“The real Ivey is more meek and not as out there,” Meeks said of her character. “Crazy Ivey, she means well, but she’s very self-absorbed. She’s very feisty; she’s out-there.”

The transition from commercial acting to YouTube allowed Meeks to have more control over the content she was making.

“I would have to trust God in those situations and hope that He had plans for me and that He would allow doors to continue opening, and He did,” Meeks said of the times she didn’t get a part after an audition. “As I started to get away from commercials and the TV shows, this YouTube door opened which allows me to put out content that I’m proud of and confident in. While the content is kid-rated, at least I know that what I’m doing is good and I’m confident in it.”

Meeks posts weekly vlogs and react videos on the Funniflix channel.

“Our vlog channel is more skit-based,” Meeks says of the channel, where several YouTube stars post their videos. “I do skits and react to other people’s videos on the channel. If they post videos, I’m usually the fiery one that has something to say about it.”

Recently, Meeks has been putting out her own music.

“I have a single out right now called ‘Feelings,’ which just hit a million views last week, and I put out a new one ‘Fake Friends,’ that came out last week,” said Meeks. “Now I’m doing music, which is really cool because I love it.”

Meeks finds inspiration for her music through her experiences in school at OCHS, where she’s also a straight-A student, which she says are experiences a lot of teenagers have in common.

“I found that writing helps me through personal life experiences,” she explained. “What I was trying to do with that song is find a topic that most teenagers would find relatable because I know for me, personally, the songs I play on repeat are the ones I connect with. Most everyone in high school goes through a period where they experience fake friends, so that’s where that idea was born and I just went with it.”

Meeks was also heavily involved in the creative process for both music videos.

“It’s one thing to write the song, but to then see it come to life in a music video—to plan out the storyboard, the cast, the props, the costumes, even the makeup—it was really cool,” she recalled.

Meeks says she appreciates the opportunity that her platform gives her to be a role model for younger kids.

“It’s kind of an outlet that allows me to tap into another side of me,” she said. “It really helped me figure out who I am and feel confident in my own skin. I feel like I carry myself more professionally now. It really makes me consider my surroundings and try to put my bet face out there because I’m a role model for a lot of younger kids. I want to inspire them in the best ways I can.”

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