The North High Shoals council recently voted to roll back the millage rate for the fiscal year. Mayor Toby Bradberry said that a rollback would help avoid a tax change.

Doing nothing, Bradberry reasoned, would equate to a tax increase because of higher assessed property values. The council decided to hold off raising millage rate until they know what the cost of the new town hall will be over the coming year. 

A date for the grand opening of the new town hall inside the North High Shoals Park has not yet been set, although council business is now being conducted in the building. 

As for the old town hall, Bradberry said that he and the council members are still trying to figure out what to do with the building. 

People have proposed renting it out as an antique shop or making it into a High Shoals museum. 

Bradberry said, “Worst-case scenario, we’ll use it for storage, but I’d rather see it used for something.”

In other news, Walton County resident Laura Wilson took over as town clerk of North High Shoals last week. 

She also works part time at Georgia College and State University as a collections manager for the university’s art collection. 

She has a son who is almost 1 years old. Her husband is a high school teacher in Walton County. 

In similar news, the town has elections coming up this November. Posts 1 and 2 will be up for election, as well as the mayor’s seat. 

All three officials for these seats, when elected, will serve the regular four-year terms.

Council member Paul Dotterweich resigned from his Post 4 seat in June, so his seat will also be up for election as part of a special election. 

The new council member, when elected, will serve until November 2021.


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