At the forum Monday, Board of Education Post 5 candidate Michael Ransom championed the need for the BOE and the Board of Commissioners to work together as the county continues to grow. 

Ransom is running against Adam Spence to fill Wayne Bagley’s seat on the BOE in 2021. Spence was not able to attend the forum due to a family emergency. 

“The school board is part of that [growth] because they’re going to bring in development, and that’s going to go forward,” said Ransom, “so I think they just need to do a little bit better job of communicating with each other and sharing that communication with the public.” 

Ransom also shared that he values Oconee County Schools adapting and moving forward when it comes to facilities.

“Turf fields pay for themselves, and grass fields are hard to keep up,” he said.

He added that given current student population growth, he thinks a new high school is necessary.

“If we’re going to keep the [individual] school systems small and keep this pleasant community that goes on in Oconee County,” he said, “you’re going to have to keep the student population under 1500 students per school.”

As a parent of three daughters and husband to an Oconee teacher, Ransom identified with the many parents who have had to navigate distance learning alongside their children. 

He said he believed that the county was fairly well-prepared for the transition to distance learning.

Ransom added that he thinks distance learning will still be relevant after the novel coronavirus pandemic.

“I think that we’ll still transition [into] some of that independent learning going forward,” he said. 

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