Prince Avenue Christian School raised $3.715 million in a recent capital campaign to go toward a new middle school building and additional land between its campus and U.S. 78. 

A small group of individuals gave to the campaign when it began last fall with the goal of raising $3.2 million, and PACS’s opened the campaign to the public in September. 

Since PACS moved to Oconee County from Athens 12 years ago, its student population has grown from 364 to 714 students, almost a 100 percent increase, said Headmaster Col. Seth Hathaway. 

The new middle school will have 18,400 square feet of space and contain 14 classrooms, including two science labs, a visual arts room, an educational support center for students with learning differences and administrative spaces. 

The additional 14 acres of land will allow the school to expand its athletic facilities in the future. Plans for that include more practice fields, locker rooms, tennis courts and more. 

This land will also help maintain the campus’s integrity from the forthcoming development along the U.S. 78 corridor, Hathaway said. 

“Our school has never undertaken a campaign of this size, and to see what God has done through the generosity of our extended school community has been a humbling experience,” he said. “The highlight of the campaign for me has been visiting with individual families, sharing the vision for this campaign, and then hearing from parents how our teachers have had a direct and positive impact on the lives of their children. I really love our faculty, who, in a school like Prince, are truly the hands and feet of Christ in the classroom.” 

The headmaster considered his school providentially fortunate to have access to the resources they do.

“Emerging from this pandemic [as] a stronger school spiritually, academically and financially when so many schools are struggling just to stay open has been a sobering reminder that we have been blessed beyond measure,” he said. 

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