ATHENS, Ga – The Stronger Business Summit is coming to The Classic Center, or your laptop, on Thursday, October 8. With an elevated focus on safety and sanitation, the conference is offering safety options for all comfort levels to encourage an amazing and meaningful experience for every attendee. 

The Stronger Business Summit is the most impactful business event happening in Athens this year for all business owners, entrepreneurs, startups, leaders, managers, and employees! This conference is your access to advice, content, and tips from powerful speakers who are leaders in their fields, and to build connections with others looking to achieve higher levels of success.

Guests will be able to choose from experiencing live speakers in the main event space, spread-out soft seating with large broadcast screens in adjacent rooms, live streaming in smaller classroom environments, mobile device streaming from outdoor areas, or connecting from home. Additionally, your exhibitor floorplan will take on a whole new look! By increasing space between booths and table space in front of the exhibitor, all guests will be safely distanced for comfortable interaction. If guests prefer, a virtual exhibit floor will be available, offering live chat with exhibitors, videos, and product descriptions. Download The Stronger Business mobile app for access to the schedule, speaker bios, sponsor information, and exhibitor listings for in-person attendees, and a desktop version for hybrid viewers.

The safety of guests is our number one priority. This event is produced in conjunction with the Ready, Set, Go Safely campaign, a collaborative community effort to promote and encourage protocol, sanitization measures, and safety guidelines. All staff, artists, and guests are required to sign an affidavit of known health before entering the building, and guests will be required to wear a face covering while inside. Hand sanitizing stations have been installed in high traffic areas, and spaces are regularly sanitized with an electrostatic disinfecting machine. Guests can expect staggered entry and exit times for events and limited restroom access at any one time to minimize gatherings. Additionally, touchless operations have been implemented wherever possible. Learn more about The Classic Center’s safety protocols at and visit to learn more about this community initiative. 

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