When recent Athens Academy graduate Nicholas Stachura borrowed his father’s pressure washer and launched an outdoor cleaning business, he had no idea how people in the Athens-Oconee area would respond. He was hoping to earn some money to help offset the costs of attending the University of Georgia this coming spring.  

“I was really honestly expecting to get two to three jobs, and then I got a whole bunch of texts and emails (about 10) from people around Athens,” Stachura said. “Ballpark, I will have earned about $750 from several jobs by the end of November.” 

By the end of December, he hopes to earn at least $1,200. 

Stachura’s business is aptly named Nick’s Pressure Washing. He had previously pressure washed neighbors’ driveways, as well as maintenance work for Athens Academy after his junior and senior years of high school. 

Already, Stachura has structured his endeavor like any other business by using a calendar and strategically offering quotes and deals to customers. 

“A lot of it is just being polite and respectful,” he said. “People want to give you their business once they’re interested.” 

He also cited time management as key to his success. 

“When I’m going out to do quotes, I’m making sure I set the right times for the right people,” he added.

While Stachura may not know exactly which major he will pursue at UGA, he does know that he’ll continue to work when he’s not studying.

“I give people my card, and I let them know I’m available [in the future], because there’s more than enough sidewalks that need pressure washing,” he said.

Stachura can be reached for business inquiries at


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