Parents who want their elementary school children to continue digital learning must opt them in again by the end of Friday, Chief Academic Officer Claire Buck said at Monday’s Board of Education meeting. 

Students who do not opt in will be placed into in-person learning at their regularly-zoned school.

Elementary students will continue to have the option to select in-person or digital learning before the start of each nine-week academic period. As of Monday afternoon, Buck said that 152 students have opted to do digital learning for the second nine weeks. 

She also shared that digital learners have access to services, such as support from a teacher, weekly morning meetings with a counselor and media specialist and the ability to check out books from the media center. 

Students in kindergarten through second grade have the option of taking a distance arts elective, and third through fifth graders may take either art and/or keyboarding. Additional supports are being provided for special education, English-to-speakers-of-other-language, gifted and early-intervention-program students via teachers from their home schools. 

In other news, bus ridership has declined across the school system by roughly 30 percent from last year, said Transportation Director Duane Peterson. Specifically, the previous count of 7,820 riders declined to 5,561 riders, a 28.89 percent decrease. 

This accounts for a decrease in riders during the mornings and afternoons, Peterson added. 

“Given that we have 87 percent of students in person, that’s causing more car riders...more traffic with car riders in the mornings and afternoons,” said BOE member Tim Burgess. 


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