Sutton Szoke has come in and contributed right away for North Oconee High School volleyball. She currently leads the Titans in digs and digs per set. She is also second on the team in serving aces and aces per set.

Szoke is a standout ninth grader on her team, but also in the entire state. She ranks in the top five in total digs and total aces among 4A freshmen in Georgia.

Szoke brings the energy on the court with her play and her voice.

“I try and encourage my teammates, even if I’m on the bench,” Szoke said. “I just scream and talk.”

Communication is one of the key elements to any sport, and Szoke has learned that very early in her career. She’s also learned to be able to appreciate every moment and be happy.

“I always work hard to be the best I can be,” she said. 

Szoke loves playing volleyball and has appreciated what her parents have done for her to be able to pursue the sport. 

“My parents try and get me in a bunch of clinics and training sessions,” Szoke added. “They encourage me whether I’m on the bench or on the court.”

Szoke is one of the many underclassmen that makes up this North Oconee volleyball roster. Still, the Titans hold a winning record at 19-12. Szoke credits the way the team’s preparation in practice and their camaraderie as the main reasons why they have found success early on.

“I think we’ve tried to improve on focusing more in practice,” Szoke said. “We’ve also just tried to encourage each other more.”

Szoke and the Titans have a few matches left before they begin their region tournament. They are currently the No. 2 seed in 4A Area 8, and they still have a chance to earn the top spot.

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