As of deadline, the Presidential Primary for Georgia has been pushed back to May 19 to coincide with the local Primary. Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger made the announcement last week due to self-distancing practices necessary to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus. 

Oconee Elections Superintendent Fran Leathers said citizens who have already early voted will still be counted on the evening of May 19. Thus far, 929 Oconee citizens have voted for a Democratic presidential nominee and 557 county Republicans have selected Trump as the presidential nominee. 

Trump was the only person listed on the Republican ballot while the Democratic ballot still contained the names of many candidates who dropped out of the race. Leathers said those candidates had not filled out the legal paperwork to remove their name from the ballot. The Democratic race has come down to Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. 

The Oconee Enterprise will have an update in our March 26 issues about two local candidate forums that were scheduled for April. 

Local contested races in the May 19 Republican Primary include: 

n James Hale and Jimmy Williams for sheriff

n Mike Hunsinger, George Roberts and Jimmy Williams for probate judge

n John Daniell, Carol Bennett and Johnny Pritchett for Board of Commissioners chair. 

n Mark Saxon and Maria Caudill for Board of Commissioners Post 4 

n Mark Thomas and John Laster for Board of Commissioners Post 1.

n Michael Ransom and Adam Spence for Board of Education Post 5. 

Democrats are running unopposed in the May 19 Democratic Primary. Those include Eric Gisler for Board of Commissioners chair, Laura Ormes for Board of Education Post 4 and Joan Parker for Board of Education Post 5. 

The Nov. 3 General Election will have races for seats on the Georgia House of Representatives. Republican incumbent Marcus Wiedower is facing Democrat Jonathan Wallace for House District 119 and Republican incumbent Houston Gaines is facing Mokah Jasmine Johnson for House District 117. 

For the city of Watkinsville, the seats of council members Dan Matthews, Christine Tucker and Marci Campbell are up for re-election. 


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