Baby copperheads were spotted at Harris Shoals Park in Calls Creek late last month. Gene Lyons of the Lions Club and Watkinsville Mayor Dave Shearon asked citizens to be cautious around the shoals. 

“Everyone needs to be extremely mindful,” said Shearon. “It was brought to my attention that the warning signs to look out for snakes had been removed. New ones are on rush order.”  

Copperheads are one of six species of snakes native to Georgia that are venomous. They are found in hardwood forests and are light brown to pinkish in color with darker, saddle-shaped crossbands, according to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources website, which describes copperheads’ markings as “shaped like shaped like Hershey’s kisses from the side. Young copperheads have a bright yellow tail tip that is used to lure small prey.”  

Linda May, environmental outreach coordinator for the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, stated that in the case of a snake bite, the victim should stay calm and get to the nearest hospital. 

“The universal treatment for a serious snakebite is the use of anti-venom or snakebite serum, which should only be administered by a medical doctor,” she said. 

May also stressed that victims should refrain from cutting into the skin, applying a tourniquet or applying extreme cold to the bite area. 

For more information about snakes native to Georgia, visit georgiawildlife.org/georgiasnakes. For advice from a local expert, contact Steve Scruggs, who manages the Hardigree Wildlife Sanctuary, at (706) 310-0088 or steve@hardigreewildlifesanctuary.org.

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