Oconee Enterprise: Flight Tracking

     Watkinsville, Oconee County, Georgia

Flight Tracking

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    One industry's efforts to employ veterans

    (BPT) - Following military service, many veterans feel overwhelmed by the transition to civilian life and the decision about what’s next. While veterans may feel that it’s challenging to identify civilian jobs that match their skills, there are job opportunities across the country and in their own backyard — they just need help finding them. 

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    Road salt reduces crashes by up to 88 percent

    (BPT) - Each winter, drivers from Maine to Texas are reminded just how dependent they are on their cars, and what happens when snow and ice get in the way. More than 116,000 Americans are injured and over 1,300 are killed on snowy, slushy or icy pavement every winter.

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    Hong Kong: One Place, Two Perspectives [Video]

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