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The Oconee Enterprise, an award-winning weekly, is published each Thursday. It is a window on the life of Oconee County. Known for its complete coverage of local news from politics and economic development to crime, The Oconee Enterprise also features stories on personalities and events, local businesses and sports. Its editorial pages bristle with sharp opinions and are a forum for diverse views.

The Oconee Enterprise print edition and e-edition are both the county's legal organ and its marketplace, where businesses and individuals advertise their goods and services to 33,000+ residents. The oldest continuous business in Oconee County, The Oconee Enterprise began publishing in 1884. Its present owner is Vinnie Williams, who joined The Oconee Enterprise as editor in 1981, and bought controlling interest in 1986. In 1994, a second-generation Williams, daughter Maridee, became The Oconee Enterprise's general manager. Bringing solid experience in advertising and publishing, she has joined her mother in continuing the tradition of the locally owned community newspaper. Today, The Oconee Enterprise is growing along with Oconee County. The paper's energetic, professional staff is a reflection of its devotion to Oconee County and the people who shape its future.



Vinnie Williams

Vinnie Williams, Publisher

E-mail oconeeenterprise@mindspring.com

(706) 769-5175 ext. 110

Maridee Williams

Maridee Williams, General Manager/Advertising Director

E-mail oconeeenterprise@mindspring.com

(706) 769-5175 ext. 102

Michael Prochaska

Michael Prochaska, Editor

E-mail businessnews@oconeeenterprise.com

(706) 769-5175 ext. 108


Katie Tiller

Katie Tiller, Reporter

E-mail news@oconeeenterprise.com

(706) 769-5175 ext. 109

Jeremy Johnson

Jeremy Johnson, Sports Editor

E-mail  sports@oconeeenterprise.com

(706) 769-5175 ext. 105

George H. Windate

George H. Windate, Graphic Designer

E-mail  graphics@oconeeenterprise.com

(706) 769-5175 ext. 104

Tracy Harmon

Tracy Harmon, Advertising Representative

E-mail adsales@oconeeenterprise.com

(706) 769-5175 ext. 101

 Becky Brown

Becky Brown, Production Assistant

E-mail announcements@oconeeenterprise.com

(706) 769-5175 ext. 107

Monacita "Cita" Simmons, Newsstand Delivery

(706) 769-5175

Shelley Winters

Shelley Winters, Executive Cat

(706) 769-5175