As the North Oconee baseball team navigated its way to the Class AAAA state championship last month, it had no shortage of important contributors.

Bryce Toci was among the Titans’ top playoff performers.

Toci’s work at the plate produced several important hits, including two hits during the state finals. He credited his playoff success to a methodical approach during his plate appearances.

“It's just patience, really,” Toci said. “I wasn't striding out and getting on that front leg, just staying back and trying to find my pitch to hit. I wasn't chasing as much.”

In the first round against Mays High School, Toci recorded two hits and two RBIs. He had two more hits against Columbus High School in round two.

Toci made his biggest mark in round three versus Thomas County Central. He finished that series with three hits and four RBIs, including a walk-off home run in the bottom of the 11th inning of game two. That homer sent the Titans to the Final Four.

He recorded one more hit and one RBI against Benedictine in the semifinals, helping North Oconee reach the state championship.

Titans head coach Jay Lasley said Toci’s clutch performances were a result of Toci setting his mind on being a top contributor for the 2022 season.

“As a freshman, he's just in the program,” Lasley said. “As a sophomore, he's trying to find his way. As a junior, he got injured and he's backing up. But he was always a good teammate. He came into this year and had a different vibe about him.”

More specifically, Lasley said that Toci’s weight lifting efforts gave him the extra power he needed in his swing.

“That dude was showing up in the weight room every day, throwing weights around,” Lasley said. “It led to this season for him. He had some monster hits, monster home runs. That guy was determined to make an impact going into his senior year and he made a phenomenal impact.”

Thanks in part to Toci’s performance, the Titans claimed the first state title in program history this year.

They finished the season with a 39-1 record, giving them a state record for single-season victories.

For Toci, it was the perfect way to cap his career at North Oconee.

“It means the world,” Toci said. “I couldn't have written a better ending. This is everything I've dreamed of. It was an amazing team win. I'm just so happy.”

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