Editor's Note: An abridged version of this article appears in the Oct. 7, 2021, edition of The Oconee Enterprise. 

The cross-country teams throughout Oconee County experienced success during September.

Teams throughout the area ramped up their competition schedules and, across the board, there were positive results to be found at each school.

Westminster Christian Academy sent representatives to North Oconee’s home meet on Sept. 2.

Eight Lady Lions participated in the girls 5,000-meter run that day.

Ansley Hovater finished highest among the Westminster runners, placing 53rd with a time of 25:45.81. Annslee Mitchell was 64th in 26:52.16.

Kate Rasmussen placed 74th in 28:05.23. Ansley Griffin was right behind in 75th with a time of 28:21.46. Nadia Guthrie ran the event in 29:32.24, good for 81st.

Isabelle Stephens placed 87th in 30:46.65. Alamael Abate was 89th in 31:20.34 while Isabel Rivers was 97th in 36:35.15.

In the same event for the boys, Isaac Heydinger ran 17th in 18:12.78. Colin Hovater was 72nd in 20:45.88 and Andrew Mulkey was 88th in 21:39.71.

Thomas Chisholm used a time of 22:02.36 to finish 93rd. Eli Bates was 105th (23:48.94), Koen Flowers was 107th (24:09.32), Trevor Grace finished 111th (24:35.57), David Norris and Widener Norris tied for 114th (24:53.24), Daniel Durling was 115th (25:20.70) and Rick Curtis finished 122nd (29:51.37).

WCA competed in the Piedmont XC Festival on Sept. 10.

Ansley Hovater placed fourth with a time of 25:55.03. Mitchell was sixth in 27:09.60, Rasmussen was eighth in 27:41.49 while Guthrie rounded out the top 10 in 28:36.69.

Stephens placed 14th (21:04.37), Ansley Griffin finished 15th (31:04.37) and Rivers was 17th (35:57.23).

For the WCA boys team, Colin Hovater clocked in at 20:32.78, good for eighth. Grace was 19th in 24:35.20.

Flowers ran 20th (24:54.67), Josiah Lester was 24th (29:32.76) and Mulkey placed 25th (30:41.67). Heydinger finished 26th in 30:41.67, Chisholm was 27th in 30:42.49 and Norris was 28th in 30:45.91.

Durling ran 29th in 33:14.22, Curtis was 30th in 33:15.10 and Peter Bailey was 31st in 33:28.58.

The Lady Lions took part in Athens Academy’s home meet Sept. 17.

Ansley Hovater was 16th in 24:13.68, Mitchell was 32nd in 26:27.07, Rasmussen was 35th in 27:04.82 and Griffin was 37th in 27:08.72. Stephens was 43rd (27:33.84), Guthrie was 44th (27:53.93), Abate finished 64th (31:20.95) and Rivers finished 69th (34:19.91).

Several WCA runners went back to North Oconee on Sept. 25.

Ansley Hovater finished highest among the Lady Lions, taking 72nd in the field. Heydinger paced the Lions, finishing 20th.

Athens Academy runners competed in a few events the last several weeks.

The Spartans hosted a meet Sept. 17.

Sarah Harrison won the girls 5K event in 20:22.58, followed by Davis McLanahan in second (21:52.22) and Amy Tran in third (22:08.44). Adelaide Ellis ran 10th in 23:32.18.

Lily Tillman (23:56.57) placed 14th, Emily Coggins (25:08.18) was 22nd and Louise Tillman (25:26.23) was 24th.

Avery Roark placed 29th in 25:49.63, Molly Smith was 30th in 25:50.82, Caroline Fowler was 31st in 26:01.19, Mills Crosland was 38th in 27:22.52 and Marie Rutledge finished 52nd in 29:02.56.

Caroline Woody was 54th in 29:19.02, Callie Walton finished 57th in 29:36.44, Lauren Clementz placed 63rd in 31:17.72 and Vibha Gowda was 72nd in 36:44.67.

In the boys event that day, Jackson Scruggs won with a time of 16:30.17. Will DeLoach was seventh in 18:06.59, Thomas Meyer placed 10th in 18:49.42 and Robbie Dillon was 11th in 18:51.77.

Walter Hequembourg finished 16th in 19:12.70, Tom Hollingsworth was 47th in 22:32.49, Ricardo Urena placed 55th in 23:25.35 and Franklin Williams finished 58th in 24:06.66.

Will Wieczorek took 64th in 24:47.88, Taylor Leach was 65th in 24:47.91, Evan Smith was 66th in 24:53.53 and Mark Tribble was 68th in 25:48.38.

Wade Slatcher finished 72nd (26:28.10), Cole Dowd finished 75th (26:42.14), Luke Cooper placed 76th (26:43.15) and John Arnold ran 83rd (27:34.66).

On Sept. 25, Spartan runners competed at North Oconee.

Harrison led the girls with a third place finish in 19:46.23. Scruggs finished highest among the Athens Academy boys, placing second with a time of 16:10.77.

That duo paced the Spartans again last Saturday at the Alexander/ASICS Invitational in Fairburn.

Harrison was second in the field, clocking in at exactly 20 minutes. Scruggs was 7th in 16:38.03.

Oconee County High School’s teams had a run of competitions, too.

They competed In the Berry Clara Bowl Invitational on Sept. 4 at Berry College.

Sydney Matthews led the Lady Warriors by placing 13th in 20:48.44. Emma Champer was 23rd in 21:24.89, Molly Meeks was 25th in 21:34.85, Kensley McConnell was 27th in 21:38.23, Leah John was 39th in 22:30.63 and Ellen Patterson was 40th in 22:30.78.

Mary Matthews took 51st (22:48.39), Alexa Brock ran 67th (23:36.25), Charli Matthews was 69th (23:38.55) and Allie Parsons was 87th (24:58.53).

The Oconee boys were well-represented at the Berry meet, too.

Scott Seuser placed 17th in 17:36.47, Cooper Timberman ran 21st in 17:45.74, Griffin Roberds was 25th in 17:50.03 and Wells Pee ran 27th in 17:53.24.

Champ Blose finished 73rd in 19:35.98, Andrew Knapp was 76th in 19:44.50, Samuel Rue was 87th in 20:05.17 and Spencer Hostetter was 107th in 20:33.78. Carson Smith finished 128th (21:29.64) and Tyler Brantley was 150th (23:14.80).

The Warriors participated in the Carrollton Orthopaedic Invitational on Sept. 11. Runners were split into Championship and Small groups.

Champer (22:24.84) led Oconee’s effort in the Championship while Charli Matthews (24:12.00) paced the Lady Warriors in the Small group.

For the boys, Seuser led the way in 17:30.34, finishing 45th in the field. Hostetter topped Oconee’s runners in the Small group, finishing 87th in 20:52.41.

From there, Oconee competed in the Warpath Invitational in Canton on Sept. 18.

Sydney Matthews was the top runner among the Lady Warriors, placing 20th overall in 20:02.30. Seuser led the Oconee boys with a time of 16:50.40, good for 25th overall.

The Warriors ran at North Oconee’s home meet Sept. 25, too.

Sydney Matthews ran sixth, tops among the Lady Warriors, in 20:37.29. Timberman led Oconee’s boys with a time of 16:46.43, good for fourth.

Last Saturday, Oconee participated in the Alexander/ASICS Invitational. Sydney Matthews again led the Oconee girls and ranked 67th overall with a time of 20:15.76. Seuser ran 77th in 16:53.72, the highest finish among the Oconee boys.

Prince Avenue Christian’s runners competed at the Cookies ‘N Quotes meet held in Tallulah Falls on Sept. 7.

For the Prince Avenue boys, Sage Milner led the way in the 5K event with a time of 20:15.72, good for 27th overall. Lawson Waye (20:31.22) was close behind in 29th. Daniel Bell was 66th (22:42.16), A.J. Simpkins was 76th (23:50.15), Seth Jernigan was 78th (23:52.14), Wade David was 82nd (24:10.23) and David Simpkins was 102nd (28:29.04).

Prince Avenue got a pair of top 10 finishes in the girls 5K event. Ashlyn Smith (23:19.58) and Kaitlyn Ward (23:44.13) placed fifth and seventh, respectively.

Kinsley Bowen finished 19th in 25:07.19, Brittan McGinn was 24th in 26:18.12, Sallie Simpkins was 26th in 26:46.79 and Abby Fisher placed 29th in 27:25.65. Ella Baldwin finished 32nd (28:02.19) and Naomi Gowder was 44th (29:41.70).

The Wolverines went to the Franklin County Pridelands Invitational on Sept. 11. Ashlyn Smith ranked near the top of the field and led the Lady Wolverines, finishing sixth overall in 22:45.69. Waye finished 30th in 19:57.25, tops among Prince Avenue’s boys.

On Sept. 25, the Prince Avenue runners competed at North Oconee.

Smith led the girls with a time of 22:37.75, good for 24th in the field. Waye was 37th with a time of 19:05.22, which placed him ahead of the other boys from Prince Avenue.

Last Saturday, the Wolverines were in action at Winder Barrow. Ashlyn Smith ran fifth overall to lead the Prince Avenue girls with a time of 22:36.31 while Waye ran the event in 18:58.55, good for 14th overall and first among the Wolverines.

North Oconee’s runners competed at Athens Academy on Sept. 17.

Hannah Marlowe led the Lady Titans with a time of 23:34.54, which was 12th overall. Gabriella Card ran 21st in 25:06.24, Isabelle Currie was 23rd in 25:09.03, Melissa Fisher was 27th in 25:37.46 and Megan Palmer was 34th in 27:04.27.

Alyssa Smith ran 39th (27:24.40), Kearsen Self was 40th (27:25.36), Copelan Richardson placed 46th (28:01.06), Nora Canalis finished 49th (28:27.71) and Emma Poole was 50th (28:48.02).

For the North Oconee boys, Matthew Honeycutt finished highest among the team with a time of 18:43.04, which ranked him ninth in the field. Spencer Suveg-Dippel placed 15th in 19:01.77, Krish Patel was 17th in 19:27.07, Jacob Arnest was 20th in 19:46.18 and David Duncan was 22nd in 19:56.04.

Dillon Bloom finished with a time of 20:23.14, good for 24th. Benjamin Pearce placed 29th in 20:54.26, Matthew Kajder was 34th in 21:20.12 and Jake Arnold was 43rd in 22:14.46. Jacob Kuriger placed 45th (22:28.67), Mark Gemano was 49th (22:43.69) and Joshua Waskiewicz was 50th (22:48.58).

The Titans hosted their own event Sept. 25.

Marlowe led their girls’ effort with a time of 23:29.35, which placed her 39th overall in the girls 5K. Honeycutt led the North Oconee boys by finishing 21st overall in 18:15.09.

North Oconee’s teams were back in action last Saturday at Winder-Barrow. Live Bledsoe led the Lady Titans, finishing sixth overall with a time of 21:52.01. Honeycutt paced the Titans with a time of 18:14.95, good for 17th.

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