Wilson Sibley recently finished his time at North Oconee High School as one of its most decorated boys basketball players.

Now, Sibley’s attention is turned toward the future.

Sibley signed to join the Truett McConnell University men’s basketball team back in April. With graduation from North Oconee behind him, Sibley will soon journey to the Truett McConnell campus in Cleveland.

Those future plans were finalized April 13 when Sibley inked documents to accept the Bears’ offer. He did so with several family members, teammates and friends looking on.

“It means so much,” Sibley said. “Being here and being around all the people who have supported me my whole life, it's meant so much to me. Being able to sign is such a big deal for me. Playing at the next level has been a dream of mine for a long time. It's something I can't believe is happening and it's something that I'll remember for the rest of my life.”

For Sibley, the signing ceremony completed a path that carried him over the last several years of his life.

Sibley first dreamed of playing college basketball when he was an eighth grader. As he moved up the ranks and enjoyed success with the Titans, that dream came closer to reality.

He made it official at the signing ceremony by putting his signature on the necessary documents to accept Truett McConnell’s offer.

The moment momentarily left Sibley in disbelief.

“I just couldn't believe it was happening,” Sibley said. “I'm thankful the Lord has given me this opportunity. I'm thankful he's given me the ability to play a sport at the next level. I just feel thankful.”

Sibley went through the recruiting process throughout the last couple of years.

He entertained offers from various programs and thoroughly explored his options. In the end, Truett McConnell called to him.

The biggest factor, Sibley said, was that the Bears likely offered the most playing time of any potential suitors.

“I just think as far as (playing) opportunity, I'll have a lot of chances to do something special there,” he said. “I really like the coach. He welcomed me in and he's really impressed me and wanted me to play there. I think, as far as opportunity, that's the best place for me.”

Sibley wants to major in business while attending Truett McConnell. He also intends on earning a minor in sports management.

When he suits up with the Bears, Sibley wants to do whatever he can to refine his game.

“One of my plans is to get better and grow physically,” Sibley said. “That's something we all need to do at the next level, just grow and get stronger. I have an opportunity to get a lot better at basketball, so one of my main goals is to improve as much as I can.”

Sibley recently graduated from North Oconee after helping the boys basketball team build to a strong overall standing.

The Titans are fresh off their two best seasons ever thanks in part to Sibley’s contributions as well as those of his teammates.

Sibley shined on an individual level, too.

He made a name for himself among the Titans as a slam dunk artist. When the Georgia High School Association introduced a statewide slam dunk competition two seasons ago, Sibley got the chance to show off his skills to everyone else.

Sibley won the first-ever slam dunk competition then, this past season, he successfully defended his crown to leave as a two-time state champion.

“I'm just thankful that North has given me this opportunity to play at the next level,” Sibley said. “This program is a great program and it's set me up for success and it is setting me up for more success in the future. The high standards that were set for me coming to this school have been a great opportunity for me and a great way for me to improve and push myself.”

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