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Oconee County volleyball recently continued its win streak with a victory over Hebron Christian Academy. Middle hitter Caitlin Feilmeier led her team against the Lions, who finished second in 2020’s Class A-Private state tournament.

Despite playing in only one of the two sets of the match, Feilmeier finished with a team-high six kills and four blocks. The performance also marked her career high in kills.

Head coach Mark Oglesby deemed the senior the team’s “Hard Hat Hard Worker of the Night” for her contributions against Hebron.

“She was being aggressive,” Oglesby said. “You need to get off the net and be part of the offense and just run it. There were times when she didn’t get set but she was running and held the middle. That gave our outside a one-on-one.”

Feilmeier’s three years on the team has not come easy for her. She sprained her ankle at the beginning of last season. It turned what was once volleyball practice into a few weeks of therapy and time with the athletic trainer.

When a teammate stepped into the middle position during that time, Oglesby noticed Feilmeier’s support and how it continued throughout the rest of the season.

“Caitlin’s supportive. She’s an absolutely great teammate,” Oglesby said. “She’s usually the first one out here to set up and she’s the last one putting the stuff away and she’s always supportive.”

Feilmeier puts in the extra help before and after practice to give herself more time to focus on the game ahead.

“It’s just important to me because if I’m out here first, it just gives me time to get in the mindset for practice and just kind of be out here before everybody else while it’s quiet,” she said.

Throughout the previous matches, Feilmeier tallied 30 kills and 11 blocks in 24 sets played.

“I was just focusing on just being a good teammate,” Feilmeier said, “because it does take six players for me to get those kills.”

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