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Man it feels good to be back. For the last week I shunned all my responsibilities as a sports editor slash sports reporter and just did whatever it is that non-journalists do.

I’m not going to be dishonest and say I didn’t enjoy my time completely tuned out of the sport loop. I did.

I needed it. For 11 and half months a year we (we being sports journalists) have our ears to the ground and eyes in either that back of a camera, glued to a field or television set.

There are times when the sports world becomes like a consistent buzz in your ear and the real world is like a white noise off in the distance that only gets paid attention to when it gets ear splitting.

By the time June 28 rolled around I was tone deaf to it all. I was running on fumes and my eyes and ears were sports numb.

Friday, I told myself to turn off that thing that pushes me to be a journalist. I don’t exactly know what that thing is. I can only describe it as a buzz that pushes curiosity. I watch a game and I wonder about the back-stories of the athletes.

I wonder about the trends of the game that led to victory and defeat.

I think about every piece of news that goes across the ticker and I form an opinion about it.

I love writing.

I avoided typing on my personal laptop all week in preparation for the grind that I know is coming in the coming weeks.

I took care of some honey do’s on the long list of things to do for my fast approaching wedding day and I also took some mental time to not think about anything. Sometimes shutting down the mind and letting the world float by is great.

Having a plan for your vacation is one thing. Executing a plan for your vacation is another. By Thursday I had the itch. I got in my car and just drove to The Oconee Enterprise’s office in search of anything that could be done.

It was dead week for the high school teams, so covering a local 7-on-7 was out of the question. I wanted to pick up a few papers and read the headlines and scour the pages of our paper and the sports section to see if I had made any mistakes in my exhaustion in the two weeks leading into the break.

I won’t tell you if I found any mistakes, because then you’d go back and look.

Trust me, I didn’t make them knowingly and trust me things will be back to normal from me moving forward.

I returned to the office on Monday morning refreshed and a pep in my step.

The Georgia heat burns through your energy quickly, but I had a new sense of pep when it came to planning my stories and planning my week.

The next few weeks will be leading into the fall sports season and there are many days ahead of planning for how to roll the content out into the streets of Oconee County in the coming months.

I have to say I missed you all and being back in my seat at The Oconee Enterprise’s office has me feeling like (spoiler alert) Thanos when he snatched the final Infinity Stone from the Avengers.

I’m a new man. (Cracks fingers) Let’s dance.

Jeremy Johnson is the sports editor for The Oconee Enterprise. Opinions expressed are those of the writer.

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