Luke Jarvis inked his signature to play golf for LaGrange College on Wednesday, Feb. 3.

The multi-sport athlete was joined in celebration by several of his coaches and family members in the North Oconee High School field house.

“It’s awesome, the support they give me every day by allowing me to play the sports that I do,” Jarvis said the day of the ceremony. “It’s crazy to think that they'll do all that for me, and I thank them that they're here today.”

Jarvis recently finished his senior wrestling season at North Oconee. Now, he will start his senior golf season.

He came into the year with high ambitions for both.

“Golf season starts in a week and a half and wrestling season has two more weeks in it,” Jarvis said on Feb. 3. “I want to have a strong senior golf season for the team and hopefully bring home a state championship in both golf and wrestling.”

Jarvis moved to Oconee County from Dacula, Georgia, which is where he used to practice daily with his swing coach. Chuck Scoggins could not make the signing in person, but Jarvis credits his training over the last several years for getting him to this point in his career.

Jarvis says he’s prepared for the competition and the commitment of collegiate golfing.

He hopes to earn a starting spot as a freshman.

“I'm looking forward to the future,” Jarvis said. “I’ve got a lot of work. I can improve my game and have a lot of fun in the next couple years working hard at what I like doing.”

In between school, golf and wrestling, Jarvis finds time to race. He spends his weekend free time driving go-karts.

“It’s a very competitive environment,” Jarvis said. “It’s all dirt, and there’s a lot of preparation you have to do with the tires and the engine. There’s also major prizes for the winners. It can go up to $8,000 to $10,000 for one race, so it's very competitive and it’s more of a small niche sport.”

Jarvis says that all three of his sports have played an important part in his life. They all helped him improve and fuel his competitive spirit. As much as Jarvis likes racing and wrestling, he plans on dedicating more time to golf from now on.

“I enjoy all the stuff I do,” Jarvis said. “But I do think my future is with golf because I do enjoy it. I love practicing it, and I love competing in it. My goal for the next couple of years is to improve that as much as I can.”

Jarvis also has a plan for his education. He is going to do a 3-2 engineering program through LaGrange. After three years studying industrial engineering there, he will transfer and spend the next two years either at Georgia Tech or Auburn University finishing up his degree. He also expressed interest in studying the business of engineering.

Jarvis is very excited about his college career. He’s always been able to handle a lot on his schedule and LaGrange will continue to push him to be the best golfer and athlete he can be.

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