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Greetings readers.

I am Jeremy Johnson, your new sports editor.

Yours truly is the Oconee Enterprise’s replacement for Ryne Dennis and I quite frankly didn’t see it coming.

There aren’t words that can describe how I truly feel. Instead, I’ll give thanks.

I want to thank our General Manager Maridee Williams for believing in me and allowing me the opportunity to prove myself worthy. That is all one can ask for in this life.

If she had chosen someone else, there wouldn’t have been a single gripe out of me. The Oconee Enterprise is a team and we always have been.

Since I came to the paper a little over two years ago (man, time flies) I’ve felt like part of that team. I’ve been guided and mentored by those who come into this office and I’ve grown for the better because of it. I’ve always strived to be a sponge.

The Oconee Enterprise was my first job out of college. I didn’t know what to expect. I only knew that coming in I wanted to learn as much as I could for as long as I could.

From the first day I walked in, there’s been nothing but lessons to be learned. Ryne Dennis, who sat in the cubicle next to mine, had a lesson every week.

‘Find the story within each game’ he’d say. That was one of his first lessons. Every game has a score, a winner and a loser and a leading scorer. Each game also has a story, a theme and that’s what I’ve tried to find since.

Thank you Ryne for all your lessons and puns.

I’ve learned from our former editor and chief Blake Giles. The wisdom he spoke every time I had a question has stuck with me. ‘Don’t bury the lead.’

For that Blake, thank you.

Our current editor and chief Michael Prochaska has been a resource of information. Throughout my defacto audition it was Michael who looked over my stories, gave me encouragement and advice on how to make my gibberish make more sense.

Thank you, Michael.

Since the day I got here, some of my biggest supporters have been our advertising representatives Tracy Harmon, Beverly Rodgers and our production assistant (little bit of everything) Becky Brown. Thank you both for believing in me and always being either a good laugh or word of encouragement.

When things get stressful, our news reporter Katie Tiller has become my go-to for a laugh. Thank you Katie, we (me and Ryne) really appreciate your trivia skills.

Over the past few weeks I’ve struggled to grasp the design aspect of the job. Our graphic designer (also a bit of everything) George Windate has been patient, understanding and a tremendous help from the start.

Thank you George for all you do and for being that shoulder I can lean on when I have no idea what I’m doing.

I’ve grown up here at the Oconee Enterprise. The people in this office have been like a family through the good times and bad. They were when my family dealt with losses. They were there when I popped the big question to my fiancé.

This is home.

Jeremy Johnson is the sports editor for The Oconee Enterprise. Opinions expressed are those of the writer.

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