Senior Max Johnson threw five touchdowns in the Warriors' win over Perry High School on Friday night.

Max Johnson has been a household name since the seventh grade in the world of the recruiting rankings. Oconee County High School’s senior quarterback has known expectations since then.

He’s had scholarship offers from some of the nation’s blueblood programs since before he’d played a single high school football game.

His father, Brad Johnson is a Superbowl winning quarterback that played in the National Football League for nearly two decades.

Pressure won’t get the better of Johnson. Football is just a game to Johnson. It’s a game he loves, but as a high school senior Johnson has seen the spotlight for a long time and it doesn’t bother him.

“There’s always going to be pressures around you,” Johnson said. “You can’t let it get to you. Why play the game if you’re going to be pressured? It’s just about having fun and doing what you’re coached to do. The coaches put you in the best position to succeed.”

Johnson has learned over the years to trust in his team and his coaching staff. In the case of the 2019 Warriors, the similarities to his father’s 2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers team are uncanny. The Superbowl winning Bucs sported one of the league’s greatest defenses and their offense didn’t always need to win shootouts to win their championship.

That’s been the case for much of this season for the Warriors. The Warriors’ defense forced four turnovers on Friday night to help the Warriors create some separation between themselves and Perry High School.

The Warriors’ offense, however, needed a jolt with their two headed backfield combo of Jimmy Boswell and Darius Norman held to a combined 40 yards. Johnson was asked to make the big throws for the Warriors.

Johnson answered with 19-for-23 253 yards passing and five touchdown passes. His performance has made Johnson this week’s Oconee Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation/Oconee Enterprise Athlete of the Week.

“I feel like the coaches put me in the best position every week and they prepare me very well,” Johnson said. “The wide receivers make the plays for me. I’m just put in that position to make the plays.”

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