OCHS junior Jacob Wright had three passing touchdowns on last week.

Jacob Wright didn’t have much to do in the Oconee County High School’s win over his former teammates from North Oconee High School in week one of the 2020 football season.

He threw a few inconsequential passes and took some clean up snaps in relief as senior West Weeks dealt with cramps late in the second half.

It wasn’t what Wright envisioned when he made the move down the street in the spring.

That humbling experience has played a big part in how things have gone since.

“It showed me that I wasn’t where I thought I was,” Wright said. “It also helped boast my confidence to where I can get better and progressively get better and see the improvement from game to game.”

Wright has taken the reigns after Weeks missed the Warriors’ win over Clarke Central High School two weeks ago.

The quarterback spot now belongs to Wright after he went 12-for-14 for 241 yards with three touchdown passes. His performance also makes Wright this week’s Oconee Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation/Oconee Enterprise Athlete of the Week.

On all three of his touchdowns thrown to Jake Johnson on Friday night, Wright was forced to move around and make things happen with his legs. OCHS head coach Travis Noland applauded Wright’s ability to extend the play.

Wright’s ability to move around has been one of the traits Noland has spoken highly of throughout the preseason and the progression of Wright’s role with the Warriors so far this season.

“I think he really got better in our open date and by him getting to play against Clarke Central and getting some meaningful playing time he was able to evaluate what he needed to improve on,” Noland said. “I thought he took the steps to do that during our two weeks of preparation. He just made some plays like he did against Clarke Central. He scrambled around under some pretty tough pressure at times and found Jake open.”

Noland also acknowledged the little things Wright was able to do on Friday night as well.

“There were also times where he stood right there in the pocket and delivered the ball on time just like you want him to,” Noland said. “I feel like he’s taken a step every week and gotten better. Hopefully, as he feels more comfortable, he’ll continue to play well.”

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