For seniors Kelly Cascella and Mackenzie Case, senior night means one game closer to the end of their season and high school careers.

Case has been a student at Prince Avenue Christian for 13 years and a varsity volleyball player for 3. Cascella, her fellow co-captain for the women’s varsity volleyball team, has played volleyball for 4 years during her 10-year tenure at PACS. 

“Senior season has come so quick. I’ve been watching it all come together for four years. It’s crazy. But I love each and every one of my teammates,” Cascella said. 

The Lady Wolverines defeated the Monroe Area Lady Hurricanes in a three set sweep, 3-0. The first set began with a dominating opener, with Prince Avenue prevailing 25-1.

“Our first set looked phenomenal. Everything looked so good,” head coach Megan Caylor stated. 

Caylor further commented that there were many positive things that came out of the game, each set there was something to focus on. Being able to play this match served as an important tune up for the team, which is headed into a long day of tournament play this upcoming Saturday. 

“We have big games on Saturday, so this was a good way to warm ourselves up,” Caylor said.

Due to scheduling, most of the teams in the tournament will go 5 days without having played, which made Tuesday’s night game a gift, according to Caylor. 

“That excitement and energy is good so I hope we can use it on Saturday,” Caylor explained.

The second set turned into quite the battle, with the final score of 25-20.The third set see-sawed back and forth with a constant exchanging of the the lead. However, the Lady Wolverines once again prevailed in the finale, 25-16. 

Caylor noted that seeing her team’s resiliency was important because the team has had difficulty coming back from deficits at times this season. Having this experience helped the team grow and also illustrated the areas that the team needs to improve upon for its upcoming tournament play.

“Little things matter and we just need to put it all together,” Caylor said. 

Going into the tournament on Saturday, Cascella said, “Consistency is key.” Casecella hopes to strengthen the front row throughout the season and improve serves. 

“In this game we started off strong with serves, but in the second and third set it hurt us,” Cascella said. 

Another challenge the team has faced is losing two players to concussions this season. One player returned, and then two days later another player was lost due to concussion. Cascella said that they would need their injured players back and at full strength to compete against several talented and tough opponents this weekend, including Athens Academy.

“We will need to play one of our best games all round,” Cascella said. 

The Lady Wolverines will compete in the Region 8A tournament this upcoming Saturday, Oct. 12 starting at 10:00 on their home court.

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