WCA players come together to celebrate a point won during Thursday’s win over Covington Academy.

Thursday came as a day of mixed results and mixed lessons for Westminster Christian Academy’s volleyball team.

The Lady Lions won their first match against Covington Academy (25-5, 25-6) and dropped their second match of the night against Peachtree Academy (25-14, 25-19).

Defeating Covington Academy saw the Lady Lions exercise some focus. The Lady Lions jumped out to a large lead over the Lady Bulldogs.

With a lot of new faces on the court in 2019, the Lady Lions could have easily fallen into a little a numb place toward a team that they expected to beat. The Lady Lions walked away with a win and an ‘A’ on their test of mental strength.

“The girls did a good job of staying focused,” WCA head coach Pete Busenitz said. “You play the team that’s there. Sometimes if they’re not strong mentally, focus will drop. They (Lady Lions) stayed focus took care of business and won going away in both sets.”

Busenitz felt the Lady Lions played hard throughout the match. The Lady Lions will continue to improve if they continue with the same effort they showed on Thursday.

“Our girls played hard, we had a little trouble with the serve of Peachtree, but I thought that what I saw out there was our girls working hard,” Busenitz said. “I think if we continue to work like that, good things are going to happen. We still have a lot of work to do but if we’re willing to put in the work, I feel good about where we will end up.”

The second match taught the Lady Lions a lesson about aggression. The smaller Peachtree Academy team used some aggressive attacks to outlast the Lady Lions on Thursday. Busenitz felt the Lady Lions played hard throughout the match, but it was good for the Lady Lions to see what can come of being aggressive no matter the size of the players.

“We saw how aggressive they were with their attacks,” Busenitz said. “It’s one thing for a 5 foot 11 inch tall athlete to hit hard, but when you see the 5 foot 5 inch tall going up and swinging you know that girl means it. I think it was pretty good for our girls to see that. We can swing hard and we can hit hard. That’s something we can do. I think we will go ahead and start doing more of that now that we’re seeing that we need to be aggressive.”

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