NOHS junior Bubba Chandler was offered a football scholarship by Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney late Thursday night.

An early night nap and a text message resulted in a ‘weirdly cool’ night for North Oconee High School junior Bubba Chandler.

Laying down for his nap Chandler had no idea that he would be having a conversation with one of college football’s most recognizable figures.

Chandler received a text from Clemson offensive coordinator Brandon Streeter prompting him to call the Tigers’ head coach Dabo Swinney.

Chandler has dreamed of simply having a conversation with Swinney since he was 12-years-old. Receiving the scholarship from Swinney left an already stunned Chandler confused at what was transpiring in the middle of the night on Thursday.

“I was baffled,” Chandler said with a laugh. “It was weirdly cool. I’ve been dreaming about it since I was 12-years-old. It meaning to talk Dabo Swinney as a recruit but just to talk to him.”

Chandler never expected to be a football recruit with Swinney pursuing his services. Chandler respects the person Swinney is as well as the success he’s had in Clemson over the last decade.

“The fact that he’s a very Christian man and he has won a few national championships,” Chandler said in reference to his admiration of Swinney. “What you see on social media is what you get in real life. He’s a genuine, straight up dude. He’s going to love you like he’s your family.”

Chandler is also friends with former Titan and former Tiger J.L. Banks. Chandler has had conversations with Banks about the Clemson head coach.

Chandler is committed to the University of Georgia to play college baseball. As of now, that hasn’t changed. Chandler says he’s still committed to the Diamond Dogs.

The offer from Clemson is something that Chandler says he will be considering in the coming weeks. Chandler’s offer allows him to play both baseball and football for the Tigers, something that hasn’t been offered to him at UGA yet.

In recent weeks there has been an increase in football interest for Chandler as he’s received offers from Elon University, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Gardner Webb University, Western Kentucky University and Mercer since the beginning of April.

Chandler feels the increase of interest has come on the heels of his willingness to talk with football programs about their interest in recent months. Chandler has been telling programs that should they offer him he would fully consider playing football for their program. With Clemson offering the opportunity to play both, Chandler will have a decision to make in the coming weeks because he admits playing both college sports has been a dream of his.

“Schools started having a lot interest and it’s kind of taken off from there,” Chandler said. “Every single school that has contacted me I’ve made sure that I’ve contacted them back. I have full interest in them and I told them straight up that I will consider them. I guess coaches talk to other coaches and they kind of took notice of that. Me wanting to play both sports kind of opened up a few more windows and doors.”

Even at nearly 12 A.M. on Friday morning Chandler was still trying to center himself to the chain of events that transpired.

“It’s crazy,” Chandler said. “It’s truly really cool if I had to put it in a four-letter word.”

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