Sophomore quarterback Aaron Philo led his Wolverine football squad to a dominant seventh win of the season. The Wolverines shut out George Walton 61-0, the largest margin of victory for Prince Avenue.

Simple reassurance from teammate Bailey Stockton added to Philo’s confidence.

Philo finished the game with six passing touchdowns, his most in a single game this season. He completed 318 passing yards through 16 completions, leading to a successful and efficient offense. With Friday night’s success, he reached 2,600 passing yards for the season – most in the entire state.

Still, Philo isn’t worried about his numbers.

“Winning,” he said. “I just wanna win every week. That’s all I focus on.”

With only two regular season games left, Philo knows his team is capable of beating anyone if it puts in the work.

Head coach Greg Vandagriff said that right now, he means everything to the team, even as a young player, and can lead the Wolverines into another successful playoff run.

“Last year, he just did a great job of learning from Brock (Vandagriff), he just sort of soaked it all in,” Vandagriff said. “He’s just learned the offense, gotten better with the reads, where to put his eyes, execution, so he’s just continued to up his game every week.”

Philo has seen himself improve throughout the season in different aspects.

“I’m more comfortable each and every week and my read is getting better each and every week,” Philo said.

The sophomore completed 16 of 17 passes on the night, showcasing his personal success even in what appeared to be an easy victory for the Wolverines.

Philo and Vandagriff both credit consistent work in practice throughout the week for Friday night’s performance.

The Wolverines will now host Loganville Christian Academy on Oct. 22 for Prince Avenue’s homecoming game. While Vandagriff expects some distractions, with a team led by a healthy Philo, there is little to be worried about.

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