Stiles played three sports last year for the PACS including baseball, football and basketball.

Prince Avenue Christian School senior Trey Stiles has been a bit of a swiss army knife in the athletic arena for the last few years.

Stiles has played football, basketball and baseball at PACS for four years. His versatility sub categorized on the football field.

Stiles played wide receiver, safety and played on all of the special team units for the Wolverines last season. Stiles wore that responsibility as a badge during his senior football season.

He made sure to learn everything he could for every position that he could inform his teammates when they needed information as well as allowing himself the knowledge to do as much as he could to help the team.

“As a senior it was my job to step up and lead a little bit,” Stiles said. “Knowing more than one position on the football field helped out a lot. I could help my teammates understand what they needed to do.”

As graduation approache,s he hopes the experiences will carry into his college life.

Juggling a schedule that saw football blend over the basketball season before switching to a completely different sport in baseball and schoolwork was a challenge. It was a preparatory experience, but a challenge non-the less.

“I feel ready for college,” Stiles said. “I think sports has helped me more than anything. Having a team bond around me for four years with three different teams has been good for me.”

Stiles has yet to decide on a college yet. He’s hoping to earn an opportunity to play college baseball at some point in the near future. His senior high school season was cut short due to COVID-19 after only 13 games.

In the off time Stiles has been staying active by practicing baseball in anyway he can. With restrictions being lifted around the nation due to the pandemic, Stiles will get another chance to impress college baseball coaches as he will get a summer of travel baseball games to earn himself a scholarship.

“I’m very ready to play something again instead of being stuck at home,” Stiles said with a laugh.

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