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It’s almost like being a colic infected baby. That’s the best way I can describe how it felt for me the night before the first day of school.

I know my parents were ready to shoo me away after my smart alecky remarks while we did the whole pre-school shopping song and dance. Sorry mom, sorry dad and sorry grandma. It was the teen growth hormones.

I tossed and turned once I hit the sheets 3 hours earlier than I should have been. It never was worse than my first day in high school and my first day of my last year in high school.

I still remember my first day of high school. I was excited about getting to wear my new Nike’s for the first time and show off all the cool new pencils, pens and school materials I’d bought.

I got lost on the way to lunch, which for lack of a better word sucked.

None of this was because of nerves. I never really got nervous during anything. I was nervous for one play in my high school athletic career. I allowed a sack but I had my wits about me for much of the time I was on the field.

No, going back to school was a frustrating and anxious time. I don’t like uncertainty. It drives me a little crazy and turns me into the baby up stairs crying for weeks at a time (not really).

I got through it.

It was sports that got me through it. When I got put in one of the three lunches completely separated from my friend group, I always had my brothers from the football team. I could always look around and find a familiar face to share a table with.

By the time this column publishes the student-athletes of Oconee County will be entrenched into their second day of school.

I say all of this to say, I understand. School is fun. School helps you create memories that will last you a lifetime.

Soak them in. Enjoy them. Experience that colic state in the days leading up to the beginning of the school year.

As much as things may seem they matter so much right now, they don’t. Some of you all have big decisions to make in the next few months that will change the trajectory of your lives moving forward.

That’s great. Keep those eyes down field, always looking toward the future. Don’t let the unblocked lineman hit you from your blindside. You’ve seen the ram truck commercials about how fast life comes at you, right?

It does.

One minute you’re trying to make varsity as a shy, lost-on-campus freshman, the next you’re trying to decide what you want to do for the next 60 years of your life and what school gives you the best chance to be your best self and give a leg up in the job market.

It almost seems unfair to ask someone as young as you all to decide where their life is going before you have even truly experienced the world. That’s a lot of pressure.

You don’t have to get it right the first time.

Make mistakes and grow from them. We all have.

Enjoy your school year, make some memories, win some games and most importantly, experience your colicky state.

Jeremy Johnson is the sports editor for The Oconee Enterprise. Opinions expressed are those of the writer.

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