PACS junior Kam Caldwell celebrates with Madi Gillespie following her inside-the-park home run. 

Prince Avenue Christian School’s softball team has floated around .500 for most of the first month of the 2019 season.

They started the second month off with a bang as they held off Hebron Christian 8-5 in a back and forth affair on Tuesday afternoon.

The Lady Wolverines found themselves in a tie game in the bottom the sixth inning when sophomore Madi Gillespie hit a ball down the left-field line for what appeared to be a double. The Hebron Christian outfielder was injured trying to field the ball in the outfield allowing Gillepsie to run around the bases and earn an inside the park grand slam.

“She’s clutch and she’s been clutch and she’s knocked me down a couple of times in the third-base coach’s box,” PACS first-year head coach Donnie Byrom said. “Her previous at-bat she took it to the fence and that’s all we needed because we had a runner on third and we were just looking for a long fly ball to tag up. She saw an inside pitch and she jumped on it. It stayed fair and we kept the base runners running. I was excited to see her hit the ball hard, but she always hits the ball hard. If I had to pick a player to be up in that situation, she’s the one you want up.”

Senior pitcher Taylor Bond pitched seven innings and allowed 13 hits but only allowed five runs. Bond also struck out four Lady Lions to earn the win.

The Lady Wolverines held the Lady Lions to one run in the top half of the seventh inning to earn their third region win and avenge the walk-off win suffered at the hands of the Lady Lions on Aug. 28.

Byrom felt Tuesday’s performance was well timed after a Labor Day practice he felt was subpar to what he expects at this point of the season. The Lady Wolverines responded with a good pre-game warm-up and a highly spirited effort in the game on Tuesday.

“We didn’t have the best practice yesterday, but we showed today we can respond to coaching,” Byrom said. “Today they responded with the best warm-up they’ve had. One of the things we’ve been focusing on is trying to get more prepared before the game. I thought we had that hunger. The next step is to be able to have that hunger on the road and not just at home.”

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