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I needed a break. We all do, right? Christmas provided that for me this year. I did little and I thought about little.

It felt good. As I have shared with you all in the past, my schedule gets a little, wel,l a lot hectic on most weeks during the school year.

Christmas break and then the New Year break are the only times during the school year that I get turn off my responsibilities as the sports editor here at The Oconee Enterprise.

The first few days I sleep a lot. When I wake up, I eat a lot and then I shop for gifts and put up the decorations. (Well, actually my wife Rebekah does that).

Then, I start missing my job. For eight days I didn’t have a high school game to attend. It was weird. I kept looking at my calendar thinking I’d forgotten to cover something.

I’d like to take this portion of this column to apologize for anything I missed during my hiatus or vacation.

I’m back now. I am refreshed and ready to tell a year’s worth of new stories. There were so many fun moments in 2019. It didn’t take long for me to get up on my journalistic feet however.

Friday, I covered a pair of local basketball teams and came away from each game with something interesting and exciting to think about. Each of the four games I made my way into had some sort of fireworks. It was the first time that I’ve seen the local teams since football season came to an end and the boys teams were all filled up.

The first game of the day was Oconee County High School’s girls hosting George Walton Academy. I came away from the game impressed with the defense the Lady Warriors play.

It helped them squeak by their rival North Oconee High School on Dec. 19. Playing the type of defense the Lady Warriors play will be in most games they play based off of their defensive efforts.

The boys went out and put up 80 points on their way to a win over George Walton Academy. It was their largest point total since they defeated Commerce High School on Jan. 21 2017.

The Warriors have a little juice and toughness about them this year that will, like the Lady Warriors, keep them in every game they play. The Warriors play unselfishly, they play hard and they know who they are.

The leading scorer on Friday came off the bench, something that I haven’t seen in my time covering high school basketball for The Oconee Enterprise. Noah Thomas lead the Warriors with 15 points.

Those were the early games. The two OCHS teams made statements about the kind of teams they are going to be as the basketball schedule begins to hit the go time section.

The night games I attended had a flair for the individually fantastic performance. North Oconee High School guards Ansley Hall and Dylan Garrington both exploded for big scoring to lead the Lady Titans and Titans to wins in the Classic City Clash.

Hall put in 32 points while Garrington dropped 35 on Pierce County High School. In both cases, they were performances we’ve all seen coming for weeks.

I’m glad I was there to see them. It’s good to be back.

Jeremy Johnson is the sports editor for The Oconee Enterprise. Opinions expressed are those of the writer.

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