Whether it’s in the pool or at ESPN, Spencer Cohen has big ambitions.

Cohen recently graduated from Oconee County High School. Beforehand, he signed to accept a scholarship offer from Colby College, located in Waterville, Maine.

He celebrated the scholarship signing with a ceremony held at Oconee County High School. Joined by family members, teammates and coaches, Cohen marked the achievement in style.

“It was really exciting to recognize that I'm moving on,” Cohen said. “This is a great opportunity for me and celebrating it was really fun. It was great having everyone there to do that with.”

Cohen said his hopes of becoming a college swimmer were born early in his high school career.

When it was time to set his future plans in stone, Cohen said he experienced one emotion: excitement.

“I was just really excited for what was going to come for me,” Cohen said when recalling the moment he inked the scholarship documents. “I wasn't really sure if I was going to be able to swim in college. Having this opportunity is really great. I was feeling a sense of anticipation and excitement as I was signing.”

Throughout the recruiting process, several programs contacted Cohen to gauge his interest and make their own scholarship offers.

Colby’s academic offerings and recent updates to its swimming facilities swung Cohen’s decision in the Mules’ favor.

“It's a really good school academically, so I'm excited to continue my studies there as well as swimming,” Cohen said. “They just recently got a new upgrade of their swimming facilities, which is really exciting. It's cool.”

Cohen intends to study something related to statistics in general or, more specifically, sports statistics. He said he was interested in sports stats from the time he was a young child.

Once he earns a degree from Colby, Cohen hopes to parlay that passion into a career. Cohen said he dreams of one day working for a major sports-related media institution.

“My goal is to work for some sports company like ESPN and do something involving sports statistics,” Cohen said.

Cohen’s swimming career with the Mules is more imminent, of course.

He recently laid out the goals he will carry with him to Maine as he begins his college swimming career in the next several months.

“I want to get as fast as possible,” Cohen said. “I've really started progressing the last few years and I really want that to translate into my college career. So, I just want to see how well I can do at the conference championship meet and maybe even make the NCAA meet.”

Cohen leaves behind a successful career at Oconee County.

This season, he had a few strong performances at the Class AAA state competition.

Cohen placed second in the 200-yard IM with a time of 2:00.58. He also competed in the 200-yard freestyle relay race and, along with three Oconee County teammates, finished fourth. They completed the event in 1:29.32.

In the 100-yard backstroke, Cohen finished fourth with a time of 53.01. He was part of the 400-yard freestyle relay team, which finished second in 3:15.20.

With all of that success and much more in mind, including the fact the 400 freestyle team set a Warriors record, Cohen said he is proud of the things he accomplished at Oconee County.

“I feel really good about it,” Cohen said. “I kind of had a rough start. My sophomore year was not great and I'm really happy with how I did the past two years. I won a state championship in a relay, got a runner-up in another relay and we also set a school record, which is something I'm glad I was a part of.”

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