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I don’t get nervous. I’m Jeremy Johnson. I consider myself to be quite the tough guy. At least, that’s what I’ve been telling everyone for the last two years.

If you don’t already know, Thursday or today (depending on when you read this column) is or was my wedding day and leading up to it I am not shaken, nervous or having any second thoughts.

How could I be?

Committing to a person for life isn’t that big of a deal when you know the person is as committed as you are. Love is the world’s greatest shelter.

Retreating to the safety of our relationship has been the reason I’ve been so unflappable in some of my darkest days.

Whether it was watching the Falcons melt away in a Superbowl, dealing with a bad cold, a bad day or the passing of my father, I’ve had four years of the best support love can buy. You try to do the same, because that’s what love is.

You shelter each other, care for one another and you grow. It’s like a team. You work hard together, you celebrate together and you celebrate one another. Nobody truly bares witness to the work that goes on behind closed doors. Believe it or not, relationships consist of work.

You’re not out sweating in the 100-degree heat (most of the time), but you, the individual have to improve for that person that stands next to you and as the vows say ‘for better or for worse’.

The ‘for better or worse’ in the vows are the most beautiful part of it all and it is the thing that makes marriage an easy leap for me to take. I’m not perfect (if you’ve read my work, you know that) and neither is anyone else on this planet.

We all make mistakes. The challenge is to have understanding when they’re made and the guts to look in the mirror and work to be better for someone else’s sake and our own. Linemen workout all summer, spring and winter to protect their quarterback and running backs in the fall.

I played on the offensive line. I don’t mind sacrificing and making improvements in myself so that things go how they should.

Comedian Chris Rock once said, ‘Sometimes you sing lead, sometimes you’re on tambourine’.

That’s marriage. That’s friendship. Sometimes it’s not about you. When it isn’t, do it right. I’ve found someone who agrees.

Why fear signing up for that for life?

The day I proposed to my fiancé/wife was the happiest moment of my life up until this Thursday. Getting down on a knee was something to really be nervous about. It’s the moment when you have the ball in your hands, the clocks have all hit zero and the defense knows you’re the guy taking the final shot, making the final throw or taking the last penalty kick.

I’ve never been as nervous as I was that day on that sandy beach in the Bahamas. Her telling me that I was the one she wanted to spend forever with was the validation I needed.

Sports’ careers are defined by winning championships and the rings that come along with them. My career has been defined. I have my ring.

Do I feel nervous? I don’t. Do I take this woman for the rest of my life?

I do.

Jeremy Johnson is the sports editor for The Oconee Enterprise. Opinions expressed are those of the writer.

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