Kathryn DeLoach has earned two wins on two different golf tours over the last two weeks.

Things have just clicked for Kathryn DeLoach.

DeLoach won at Carolina County Club on July 11 on the Peggy Kirk Bell Girls Golf Tour.

The 12-year-old DeLoach shot a 79 in the one-round event.

DeLoach returned to Georgia on July 15 and won the 11-13-year-old age group in the North Georgia Junior Golf tour’s Hard Labor Creek Summer Shootout.

DeLoach shot a 36 in the nine-hole event at The Creek at Hard Labor in Rutledge. Her performance has made DeLoach this week’s Oconee Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation/Oconee Enterprise Athlete of the Week.

“It feels good,” DeLoach said. “It feels like the work I did has paid off. It’s good to know that after hours and hours of practicing, it’s all coming together. It’s a good feeling.”

DeLoach entered the summer with the goal of shooting under 80 in an 18-hole event this summer. DeLoach wanted to shoots an even par on a nine-hope tournament.

DeLoach has accomplished those goals a few times in the past few months. Both of those scores helped her win the last two events she played in.

Advice from her coach, who also happens to be her father, seemed to bring things together as the summer vacation begins to come to a close.

“Everything has just started clicking,” DeLoach said. “The work I did during the quarantine over the past couple of months is starting to really pay off.”

DeLoach had to improve on her shots from the rough areas and bunkers because she comes in shallow off the tee.

She’s been working on a more consistent approach to her second and third shots on a hole.

“My biggest problem is that I come in shallow, so hitting balls out of the rough improves my contact and consistency,” DeLoach said. “My iron play has been the best that it’s been in a really long time. It’s because I’ve been hitting the ball really pure.”

Only a few weeks remain of summer vacation for DeLoach. She walks out of the summer proud of what she accomplished. The time off due to COVID-19 wasn’t wasted. She has taken her game up another level since play resumed. DeLoach also plays club soccer. The time away from that has shown her what can happen when she focuses on golf full time.

“It just really shows that the more you practice, the more it will pay off,” DeLoach said.

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