Members of WCA's girls basketball team hold the GAPPS State Championship trophy on Saturday night.

Westminster Christian Academy head coach Chandler Deep urged his team to ‘play for Sallie’.

Over the six basketball seasons that senior Sallie Schutz has been in the starting lineup for the Lady Lions, they have reached a couple of state championship game and a pair of state semifinals.

Each of those journeys ended with the Lady Lions and Schutz watching another team accept a state title trophy.

Schutz has scored a lot of points in those six seasons of basketball at WCA. She’s acted as a leader for the Lady Lions. She’s become a mentor to many of the young basketball players in the program as well as in the lower school programs as WCA.

The only thing missing was a state title.

“She’s invested six years into the community and program at Westminster,” Deep said. “I told the girls that you don’t win this for me or for anyone else, this is for her. She’s gotten us to where we are. I think the girls bought in to playing for Sallie.”

Holding the Georgia Association of Private Parochial Schools championship trophy on Saturday brought things full circle for the senior.

“It’s pretty hard to describe,” Schutz said. “I was excited but I was also satisfied.

Everybody played hard and I was excited for the team. I felt proud of what we accomplished this season.”

The Lady Lions earned the trophy by defeating Lanier Christian Academy for a third time this season 47-32. Schutz led the Lady Lions with 20 points.

Deep admits the Lady Lions looked nervous and struggled early with their offense, but their defense was the key to running away with the state title in the second half.

“We didn’t shoot the ball well on Saturday night,” Deep said. “We had to rely on our defense. After the first quarter where we gave up 13 points, we held them to seven baskets over the next three quarters... Defense still wins championships.”

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