NOHS rising junior Jordan Fick has been competing this summer in the decathlon  which combines 10 events. 

Rising junior at North Oconee High School Jordan Fick throws his javelin, shot put, discus, pole vault and track spikes in the back of his stepfather’s supply van every morning bound for Jefferson High School with a date with NOHS’ track later in the afternoon.

Fick practices hurdles at JHS with running coaches at the school. He and his mother hop in the van and head to NOHS where he practices throwing the javelin, discus and shot put as well as practicing with the pole vault.

That’s been a typical day this summer for Fick. Each day consists of a balancing act between the multiple facets of track and field.

It’s a unique method of training and in the beginning it was a scramble. At the beginning of the summer break, Fick reached out to coaches to see if there were any coaches interested in giving him some instruction over the summer as he prepared to transition into decathlon competition.

He found generosity. Not only had Fick found coaches that have been willing to teach him for free, they’ve provided him the tools, access to the facilities to make an impressive jump into the world of decathlon.

“I have an amazing support system that I never asked for or paid for, they just did it out of the willingness of their hearts,” Fick said. “It’s truly a blessing to me.”

Fick won the Gladiator Multi event Meet in Marietta last week. His performance has made Fick this week’s Oconee Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation/Oconee Enterprise Athlete of the Week.

As he begins to find success in the decathlon world, Fick finds himself grateful for the opportunity and freedom to pursue whatever he wants and the generosity in those that have made it easier for him to train.

“It’s amazing,” Fick said. “You’ve got to realize that this stuff is not available anywhere else in the world. The coaches here and everyone that’s been put into my life is really a blessing from God. I’m just so grateful for our athletic department.”

Fick was born in South Africa during the rise in a crime rate that has earned the country a reputation of being one of the world’s most dangerous. After the passing of his father, Fick, his mother and Fick’s older brother moved to the United States.

Being in the area and being given the chance to be exposed to as many things as he has been at such a young age isn’t something that passes by Fick as routine. Coming from a place where opportunities and resources were scarce the Fick family takes nothing for granted.

“I think people always realize what great opportunity there is in America,” Fick’s mother Linda Fick said. “In South Africa there are really limited resources and very limited people available. If you want to be the best you have to literally move somewhere else. We just landed here and you can do everything you want to do right here in Oconee County.”

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