Friendship swimmer Anabella Bluhm won five events last Thursday in the Sharks’ win over The Georgia Club. 

Family got 11-year-old Anabella Bluhm into the swimming pool when she was 5-years-old. Bluhm and her older sister and younger brother all spend the month of June competing the summer swimming league for the Friendship Sharks.

Bluhm uses her sibling rivalry with her 13-year-old sister as motivation and something that pushes her to get better at the sport.

Last Thursday, Bluhm brought home five wins. Bluhm won the 50-yard breaststroke in 49.40 seconds. She won the 100-yard individual medley (1:38.84) and the 50-butterfly (49.93) individually. Bluhm was also a part of the Sharks’ winning 200-yard freestyle relay team (2:58.43) as well as the 200-yard medley relay team (3:19.51).

Her performance on Thursday has made Bluhm this week’s Oconee Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation/Oconee Enterprise Athlete of the Week.

It would be solid performances for anyone, but Bluhm looked at her times next to her sister’s and felt there is still more work to do.

“I was very happy, but I still think I can improve,” Bluhm said. “I’m always trying to beat my sister. My number one goal is to catch up to my sister. We have a little sister rivalry. We’re pretty close. We were pretty close in the IM. She beat me in freestyle, so I’ve got to work on freestyle.”

Bluhm began her athletic years as a soccer player, but has found passion in the water the past few summers. She first gave swimming a try just to pass time in the summer. Before long she developed a competitive instinct for it and as she enters middle school, the high school level begins to come into focus.

Though she plans to swim in high school, it will be for fun.

Bluhm already places high standards on her academics and admits if sports don’t allow her time to study, then a decision will be made.

“Academics are very important because I want to get into a good college,” Bluhm said. “I haven’t gotten that far yet [on deciding a career]. I just know I need to get a good education.”

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