Mac Bowen’s success did not come easy.

Bowen, a senior wrestler at Oconee County High School, spent a great deal of time training as he prepared for the current season. That included competing in freestyle events to get himself ready for his final season as a Warrior.

The hard work paid off.

So far, Bowen owns a 26-7 individual record. He’s been a big factor behind Oconee County’s success.

“It's because of a lot of offseason training,” Bowen said regarding the reason for his wins. “All that offseason training has really, really gotten me to where I'm at right now.”

In addition to a strong effort in terms of his record this season alone, Bowen is also closing in on a career milestone.

With his next pin, Bowen will reach 100 career victories as a Warrior.

Bowen will get that opportunity this weekend. He anticipates that he will achieve his 100th victory.

“I honestly am feeling really good about it,” Bowen said. “I feel like I can do it this upcoming weekend. I have a lot of faith that I will be able to get 100 and pass 100.”

Given his success the last four years, Oconee County head coach Al Yauck said that Bowen is an integral member of the team.

Yauck said that Bowen’s contributions have helped him leave his stamp on the program.

“He's just been a constant hard worker,” Yauck said. “Since he got here, he's worked hard in the room. He's been dependable. He's fought through injuries and not missed much time. We've always been able to depend on him in the lineup. He's been really good for the program.”

Bowen does not want to stop at just 100 wins.

For his final season, Bowen wants to go out with a bang.

“My goal individually is to win it all,” Bowen said. “It's my last season and I've been putting in a lot of work and effort, so that's my goal. But as a team, so far our next goal is to win this upcoming meet and just keep progressing.”

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