MBMS eighth-grader Aiyanna Peavy won the MVP award at the MVP School of Sports basketball camp. 

Aiyanna Peavy sticks out on the basketball court immediately. Her skills speak for themselves, but her mix and matched footwear grabs the eye.

Peavy wears one white shoe and one black shoe to pay homage to her father who passed away nearly three months ago.

Peavy wears her father’s shoes to every time she steps on a basketball court.

Peavy’s father gave her the shoes and when she wears them she thinks of the messages and teaching echoed by the man who gifted her the shoes.

“He bought me these shoes for basketball and I always wear them to my games and they just give me a lot of motivation to push hard and be myself,” Peavy said. “That’s what I know he wants me to.”

Following her motivation, Peavy put her head down and has continued to improve her game and it earned her some recognition on Friday. Peavy joined a solid list of high school athletes past and present when she was named the MVP of Michael Palmer’s MVP School of Sports girls basketball camp. The award, as explained by guest speaker and presenter of the award Maddi Britt, as the player who hustles, shows that they are coachable and works hard.

Her performance at the camp has made Peavy this week’s Oconee Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation/Oconee Enterprise Athlete of the Week.

Winning an award wasn’t on Peavy’s mind heading into the camp. She loves to play basketball. As a rising eighth-grader at Malcom Bridge Middle School, Peavy takes her summer time as an opportunity to continue building and working on her game.

The MVP camp was another opportunity to be in an environment to improve at the sport she loves to play.

“I had a lot of fun,” Peavy said. “I wasn’t really focused on winning an award. I was focused on getting better and getting my skills up. The MVP award just came as a reward to me for doing my best and being positive. Summer is my time to get better so that I can make my middle school team and I can be on my high school team.”

Oconee Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation/Oconee Enterprise Athlete of the Week is chosen by the sports staff of The Oconee Enterprise. You are welcome to email nominations to by Monday at 10 a.m.

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