Woody Barks and Adam Weynand have been friends since they were in the fifth grade and now they both lead the Titans' defense.

Best friends go through some of the best times and some of the worst times. Being that close to each other is a special bond for Woody Barks and Adam Weynand. Football has proven to be the sport that has led the way for their journey.

Barks and Weynand are a couple of senior linebackers and running backs at North Oconee High School. The two have been by each other’s side since fifth grade. That is when their passion for football and bond together first began.

“Me and Adam have just been friends forever,” Barks said. “We have that mind thing. We just communicate what we are doing and we are going to give it our best every time.”

A ‘mind thing’ means chemistry. They are in sync together under the lights on either side of the ball. Weynand blocks for Barks so he can make a tackle, while Barks does the blocking on offense so Adam can make plays.

Things have not always been so great on the field for these two. Even with a current 9-0 record, they are not unfamiliar with losing and losing a lot.

During their freshman year, the Titans went 0-10 and then followed that season with a 1-9 record. Their past two seasons have been a complete turnaround. They won nine regular season games last year and have a chance for a perfect season this year.

“Our chemistry the last couple of years hasn’t been as tight,” Barks said. “Our whole teams bonds together this year. Much better.”

Starting varsity for four years has helped develop Adam into a great and physical player. He has earned all-region first team linebacker and was invited to the San Antonio Combine in the summer of 2018.

“I think that I have developed a lot,” Weynand said. “Playing varsity as a freshman and sophomore year really helps you develop as a player. It puts you through situations that you aren’t used to.”

Weynand and Barks can also be seen hanging out together outside of sports. They enjoy each other’s company buy do what typical high school teenage boys do.

“We’ve grown up a lot so we don’t ride bikes or anything like that anymore,” Weynand said. “We normally just get together and play video games.”

They both also enjoy bonding with their 20 other seniors in their class. You wouldn’t expect it, but these young men just have fun and enjoy talking to each other and becoming closer that way.

Barks, Weynand and the rest of the Titans will put their perfect record on the line when they host the Oconee County High School Warriors. The region title will be claimed on Friday at 7:30 p.m.

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