PACS senior Bryson Seay throws a pitch in the first inning of Friday's loss to Athens Christian School.

Bryson Seay stared at the baseball diamond entrenched in thought.

Less than an hour before what could be his final start on the mound for Prince Avenue Christian School Seay felt a touch nostalgic.

“I was just like it’s a nice day and we’re playing baseball, I was just enjoying it,” Seay said. “It’s not always guaranteed.”

The day before Friday’s game the GHSA recommended the suspension of play for schools across the state of Georgia amid the spread of COVID-19 around the state and country.

The Wolverines were set to play Athens Christian on Friday evening. Though many events around the county fell to postponements and cancellations right away, the Wolverines decided to play on Friday night.

Seay wanted the ball.

“I was so grateful (to even get to play) since everything was getting canceled I was like if this is going to be the last one then I’ve got to be able to do it,” Seay said. “I was really grateful that we got to do it.”

Seay got the start and threw six innings and allowed two runs and struck out 10 Eagles despite the Wolverines’ 4-1 defeat at the hands of ACS. Seay felt he left everything he had out on the mound even in the loss.

“It would really suck if that was our last game,” Seay said. “I tried giving my all. I thought we played good but the outcome wasn’t what we wanted. I think I’d be content with the fact that I tried my hardest if this was my last game.”

The Wolverines’ offense struggled to string hits together. Their only run came on a wild pitch in which Andrew Ridings scampered home from third base.

The Wolverines, like most other programs don’t exactly know what’s next. The Wolverines know that things are out of their hands but head coach Frank Vashaw felt it important to finish the week on a positive note. Friday’s loss wasn’t what the team wanted but the way the Wolverines performed in their win over George Walton Academy on Thursday gave Vashaw plenty to be positive about.

“There are a lot of things right now that are out of our control,” Vashaw said. “With the situation with the coronavirus pandemic and whether we agree or disagree with the decision the state has made, the county has made or the GHSA has made we have to go by it. We can’t go out thumb your nose at what everyone else is doing. It was important to try and get through this week on a positive note. We played a little bit better last night against George Walton.”

Should the season continue, Vashaw still believes the Wolverines have upside and an opportunity to be a successful team despite the 5-9 start to the season.

“We need to focus on the things we’ve struggled with and learn,” Vashaw said. “People say ‘you learn from your mistakes’, but you also learn from your success. We have struggled putting the bat on the ball and putting pressure on other teams… We hope to get back out here. I still think this team has the chance to succeed.”

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