Westminster Christian Academy volleyball opened its home match schedule with a win over Lake Oconee Academy last Friday, Aug. 20.

The Lady Lions played a best-of-five match, winning in four sets with scores of 25-4, 25-7, 24-26, 25-10.

Westminster made use of a strong defense to make the biggest difference and ultimately win the match. With only three passing errors, the Lady Lions were able to maintain control for nearly all of the match. The Lady Lions were able to force errors from their opponents.

At the net, the Lady Lions spread out the offense with eight players scoring kills for the team. Emma Greene and Kara Grace Myers led the way with 10 and seven kills, respectively.

Maggie Grace Tomlin added pressure on the Lady Titans at the service line with a team-high 14 aces.

“It truly was a team win, as every girl on our roster contributed in some way throughout the match,” said first-year head coach Colt Greene. “Maggie Joy was very effective in service and every time Lake Oconee Academy would try to establish some level of momentum, they were able to retake control through Kat (Sutton), Emma or Aubrey (Hill’s) defense and passing.”

Green felt the match shift as he watched his players increase their focus on the game.

His biggest concern about the season following a summer full of practices was sustaining the focus and control to make great plays all match long, rather than within just a single set. Green never doubted the game’s outcome.

“It was rewarding to see many of the things that we've worked on so intensively the last few weeks be performed nearly flawlessly during the match,” Green said. “Whether it was targeted serving or point passing, the girls were locked in the entire night.”

Even with the big win, Green and his players know they have areas to work on, especially with passing and attacking.

Timing between setters and attackers will improve as the season continues. Considering the team lacks any attackers over 6 feet tall, this quality is crucial for the Lady Lions if they want to compete at a higher level.

Green has translated this practice to his passers as well. Excellent passing and digging is the base of the offensive style, so Green hopes that building the team up from this position will improve the team’s potential to win against bigger teams.

“The biggest takeaway for us from this match is that we truly can put together a complete match when we're relentlessly focused on only the next ball,” Green said. “We're not worried about the next point, only the next pass or next opportunity at the net. We've tried a lot of different lineups over the course of the last month, and will continue to flex girls in and out over the course of the season. The tenacity on display around the net was very encouraging and I really think it energized both the back row and the bench.”

The Westminster Lady Lions faced Peachtree Academy on Tuesday, Aug. 24, after press time.

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