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“New year, new look, right?”

Those were the words of Prince Avenue Christian School football team head coach Greg Vandagriff at the end of our nearly 20 minutes of mental poking and prodding of him, McKay Melnick, Landon Ragle and David Bach at the Clarke-Oconee Media Day.

The Wolverines walked into the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business wearing new (old) uniforms on Wednesday morning. The look is a bit of a throwback paying homage to an old Michigan Wolverines uniform. Athens Academy also donned new jerseys during their interviews.

Both were pretty stylish looks if you ask me.

Media days are always interesting. I personally think they’re overblown. We shove our cameras and recorders in the faces of subjects for hours and hope we get enough reaction or news of things that haven’t happened yet.

I still had a blast because the annual event means the football season is upon us. You will notice multiple season preview stories throughout this week’s sports section, not only for football but also for volleyball as well as softball and hopefully you can feel the energy and excitement I feel when there are games and seasons on the horizon.

Embedded in the mind-numbing questions and answers from a media day talking about the coming seasons is a hint of things to come. In our talks with PACS’ representation on Wednesday, we found out what’s on the minds of the Wolverines heading into the 2019 season. As Vandagriff expressed the Wolverines new look indeed means a new look. While the players under the helmets and on the field will be some of the same faces we’ve seen the last few years, there’s an edge to the 2019 team. It matches their deviation from their traditional uniform. The edge manifested in one of my favorite or most memorable quotes I heard on Wednesday.

“We’re becoming a better team and we’ve got some dogs this year,” Ragle said. “These new jerseys represent a new look for us and kind of a refresh. We’re starting new and we’re ready to take on the year.”

I expect a motivated Wolverines team in 2019. Sometimes a new visual expression means a new interpretation of what you stand for (not trying to be deep or anything).

So, there’s that.

We also learned that Bubba Chandler would assume the quarterback position from Kaleb Sherrer at North Oconee High School. Chandler served as Sherrer’s backup much of last year. Even though the offense will be the same, I expect things to look a lot different for the Titans.

Remember? “New year, new look.”

The Titans will begin to find out what the junior can do and begin tailoring a game plan around his skillset.

The Spartans sport a new look of their own, but they feature most of the same players from last year. Spartans will be good again; their questions come when the marbles are on the table in late November, as they are for the Wolverines. As a football fan, I’m writing this column starry-eyed and excited just wondering whose new look will change the landscape the most.

The part that makes me giddy; the clock is now officially ticking as acclimation is underway. Are you ready for some football?

Jeremy Johnson is the sports editor for The Oconee Enterprise. Opinions expressed are those of the writer.

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