cj jones

C.J. Jones led the Oconee County football team to its seventh consecutive win of the season at Hart County last week.

Jones’ four touchdowns tied his career high in single-game touchdowns. He set that record the previous week, scoring four touchdowns in Oconee County’s win over East Jackson.

Responsible for 31 carries, Jones rushed for 183 yards in the game, another career high and the second-straight game where he rushed over 170 yards. It was additionally his 10th rushing touchdown of the season. The only other player to even score a rushing touchdown this season was quarterback Jacob Wright.

Even in his performances, Jones remains humble, not worried about how he did in the game.

“It doesn't mean anything really. I'm just glad the team won. I gotta keep working hard as I can,” Jones said. “Hope I can beat that record at some point but right now I'm not worried about it.”

Head coach Travis Noland credited Jones’s improvement to the way the junior running back approaches practice.

“Just his work ethic in practice, he's learned to work harder and has been more focused and it's nice to see him have success because of that,” Noland said. “He's worked hard, he's really matured this last couple of years and I'm just happy to see him have success because he's come a long way.”

Jones said that he thinks he has improved because it’s October and, thus, region play. If his team plays harder, he plays harder to match up to his teammates.

He recognizes them for helping in his improvement.

“My team, quarterback, coaches, it's a great team, great environment,” Jones said. “Practicing good makes me better.”

Noland acknowledges Jones’s physical skill, too, for his success when the time comes in games.

“His vision and he’s deceptively strong,” Noland said. “A strong runner and a good high school running back.

Jones will be a key factor for the Warriors as they prepare to face undefeated Monroe Area on Oct. 22.

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