Oconee County quarterback Jacob Wright led the Warriors to a major region win last Friday night at Monroe Area.

At the end of last Friday night, it was Oconee County quarterback Jacob Wright holding the Fox 5 Golden High 5 Trophy high above his head in a sea of jumping teammates after the Warriors steamrolled Monroe Area 35-16.

The junior quarterback finished with 211 passing yards and four touchdowns and completed 86.7 percent of his passes. Players at nearly every position shined for the Warriors, allowing them to convert seven of their 11 third downs and three defensive turnovers, but it was Wright who led them to victory. 

“We had a great scheme,” Wright said. “Coach [Travis] Noland put together a great game. I got to give credit to my wide receivers, they did a great job of getting open. They help me out when we get in bad situations.” 

Wright’s first touchdown of the game came in a tough situation. On fourth-and-18, Wright connected with junior tight end Jake Johnson for a 27-yard touchdown. 

“I have faith in my guys that I can put it in their area, and they'll go out and make a play,” Wright said. “It's fun because it's a lot of pressure, but when it works, it's the best feeling ever.” 

All of the Warriors’ offensive touchdowns and a majority of the Warriors’ yards came in the first half because they only had two possessions in the second half. 

Wright was not the starting quarterback for the Warriors at the beginning of the year, but he has progressed into the unquestioned starter at this point in the season. Wright wants to take every week one at a time, but when asked about the Warrior’s 8-0 record and looming playoffs, Wright said “right now, we’re on a roll.” 

“He feels more comfortable with the offense and his role,” Noland said.  “And, hopefully, he can continue to improve and get better each and every week.”

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