By Wil Wynn

For many people, a strong friendship foundation has to be developed over the years. This means that certain people have to know the person over a long period of time before they can consider someone a great friend. That is not the case with Jimmy Boswell and Darius Norman.

If you didn’t know any better, you might think that Boswell and Norman have known each other their whole lives. They are both seniors playing the same position for the same school. The two Oconee County High School running backs have only known each other for less than a year.

“When I first came here, Jimmy was very soft spoken and I didn’t really connect with him at first,” Norman said. “As the season progressed and it was just me and him, we decided that we should build a bond outside of football. We just clicked.”

Before transferring to OCHS, Norman spent two years at Cedar Shoals High School playing football for the Jaguars. Norman did not start for his former school. He decided that he needed a change for his final two seasons as a high school football player.

“I just felt like I would get a better chance here,” Norman said. “I would be more successful here. The team welcomed me with open hands, so I knew this was the place for me.”

Sharing touches in the game has been a seamless transition for Norman and Boswell. Both are very used to working together on the field. They push each other to make themselves better at the sport.

“Me and him have always been sharing and I’m perfectly fine with that,” Boswell said. “If one of us gets injured then I know we have each other. I know Darius can do his job just as much as I can.”

The two backs have a complimentary running style according to Jimmy. The uses their strengths to their advantage come game time. However, Jimmy seems to think Darius has the edge over himself.

“With the size comparison, Darius is a downfield, north to south player. He can also cut too. He’s extremely fast,” Boswell said. “For me, speed is on my side.”

Both young men can seem to be quiet and shy. However, that is not the case when they hit the field under those Friday night-lights.

“It’s completely different when I’m on the football field,” Norman said. “I’m in football mode. Whoever is in my way, they are going to get hit.”

As much as these two bond over the sport they love, they find time to strengthen their friendship off the field. They go out on Thursdays before the game to talk and enjoy a good meal.

“We usually go out tailgating and have some food together, Me, Darius and all of the football guys,” said Boswell.

This weekly tradition has meant a lot to Darius. He has felt welcomed at Oconee County and that he has known Boswell his entire life.

“It’s fun hanging out with that kid. I love that kid a lot,” Norman said.

Norman’s favorite meal to eat is Hibachi. He isn’t very sure that Boswell would agree with his choice of food.

If you don’t see these guys enjoying a meal together, then you might catch them this Friday when the Warriors travel to North Oconee High School to take on the Titans at 7:30 p.m.

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