OCHS senior Cam Lewis is considering playing rugby on the University of Georgia's club team.

Oconee County High School Cam Lewis loves to hit people and he loves to celebrate it. Following a turnover that broke open the Hog Mountain Bowl late in the first half Lewis waltzed toward the OCHS student section a blew a kiss.

The exchange epitomizes Lewis as an athlete and physicality is kind of a requirement for the position he played on the football field.

“I really enjoy hitting people,” Lewis said with a laugh. “It’s the only place where you can go out and hit somebody and you’re not going to get in trouble for it. That’s what I’ve always loved about the game. It (the fun) comes from my competitiveness. I’ve been watching the people above me and before me especially the older kids from my freshman year until now. I’ve taken a little from different people and what I like and what the right thing is. I tried to incorporate that in how I played and how I did stuff.”

Lewis also played baseball for OCHS but suffered an injury only three games into the abbreviated season that took place this spring.

Though his season was cut shorter than the rest of his teammates Lewis still is holding out hope of playing college baseball at some point in the near future.

It was the first sport Lewis played. The love for it hasn’t faded despite seeing consistent playing time as a football player sooner than he did as a baseball player.

Though it’s late in the college choice process Lewis still has a few different options with the two sports he’s had passion for the last four years at OCHS. The sport he’s never played may be the sport that he ends up playing in college.

The University of Georgia’s rugby team head coach reached out to Lewis with an opportunity to join the team. Though rugby is currently a club sport at UGA Lewis has given it some serious thought. At first, Lewis didn’t seriously consider the sport. He’d never played.

Only recently did Lewis turn on the television and watch a game of rugby. The physical nature of the sport is an intriguing aspect for the senior linebacker.

Lewis has come to realize that the sport is a lot different than the games he’d grown up playing.

“It’s a lot different than football,” Lewis said. “I was watching it a few weeks ago before all of this. My mom asked, ‘are you sure you want to do this?’ It is a rough sport. I’ve heard stories. We have different friends playing different places. They say stuff like ‘tape your ears down and watch your nose because it’s going to break’.

Lewis plans to investigate more of his options once the COVID-19 pandemic allows for more safe movement.

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