NOHS coach Sid Feldman demonstrates during a drill at the Titans’ practice on Tuesday.

The story for the early part of preseason practices for North Oconee High School’s volleyball team has been the battle between the macro vs. the micro.

The Titans have the macro down pat. Only a few days prior to a loosely competitive scrimmage NOHS coach Sid Feldman installed a new system to better match the new players on the court this season.

By the time the ball was tossed up for the scrimmage the Titans had a hold of the new system and applied it very quickly and put up a good showing.

“It says they want to learn,” Feldman said of the Titans.

With a group willing to learn new things, Feldman has had to back up a little and teach the things the Titans learned in the beginning of the volleyball careers.

Despite knowing where to go and how to attack the other team, things still seemed a little off as far as timing. Feldman chalked it up to the little or micro things.

The first few practice sessions the Titans have held had been heavy on finding new takes on the old fundamentals. Those micro techniques could be the thing that pushes the Titans back to the top of Region 8-4A this upcoming season.

“They’ve got to get the micro game,” Feldman said. “I can teach them the system and they can run it, but they’re about a second slow in moving and they’re not quite there with their technique. For instance, cushioning on the digs and then the digs go over the net. It’s just little stuff like that. My job is to keep watching for the little things that will make the difference. You don’t have to be quicker; you have to be more efficient. If somebody is dropping their hands and bring them back up, well, it took a second to do that. My job is to insist on keeping their hands up.”

There is work to do, but the Titans have shown a sense of enthusiasm early in the preseason. As a coach, Feldman enjoys coaching teams with enthusiasm but he also steps away when determining the attitude the team takes on throughout the season.

“When we get in a huddle and we all scream ‘Titans’, I’m not there,” Feldman said. “I want to teach them how to do something that I was not capable of doing as an athlete and that’s winning. I want my vibes to stay as far away from them as possible.”

The Titans open the 2019 season on next Thursday when they host Prince Avenue Christian School and East Jackson Comprehensive High School at 4:30 p.m.

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